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Recently in doing a call pump industry, suddenly found the original synonym between the flow and the deal is also quite good. In the past this aspect really didn't notice, that is to say actually the water pump is synonymous with the pump, but the name is different, in fact the meaning is exactly the same. Just like SEO and search engine optimization, as long as you put the word seo, in fact, you can also be very easy to search engine optimization this word to do up, you see the stone forum you search SEO can also search, search engine optimization can also be searched. If you do two words at the same time, in fact, no matter what the word is good, because these two words are mutually reinforcing, of course, if only these two words have value. Like me in the industry in fact, pumps and pumps are valuable, so I two words are also done at the same time.

Why do I say these synonyms we can not give up? Reasons for two aspects, the first aspect is valuable, generally are valuable keywords, such as broom and broom of the two words, is actually a synonym, but some areas of the name is not the same, some areas we call broom, some places called brooms. So the value of two keywords is similar to the Search engine optimization and SEO group words may not be the same. Since it is a valuable keyword we can not let go.

On the other hand, these keywords are very easy to do up, if we can put the word pump, in fact, such as a pump word is also very easy to do up. Like Point Stone forum in Baidu performance like, everybody look


Although on the second page, but also is a good ranking. For a long time no one has managed, in fact, 28 push is the same, it also made a group of such words. such as network promotion and website promotion, we look at

You see, in fact, we are in Baidu search website promotion, the website promotion is same as red hint, even if the 28 push title does not appear site title website promotion also can be very good optimization. The reason is because they are synonyms.

Another reason is that the two keywords are also promoted, based on the correlation between the two keywords is most relevant. With this we can do two keywords at the same time, so that the relevance of the site is greatly enhanced, if your site's late two keywords are ranked. Users in search of two key words into the user experience if similar to the same site, then your site is undoubtedly more competitive. Why do you say that? The reason is because your site audience size than others, such as we do pumps and pumps of the two words, other people search pump can also enter my site, but also with others search the water pump site the same experience. Then my site's audience more than others. So our site can be more competitive than other people's websites.

Here also to say a little bit, is in the title of the show, in fact, we can in the early two words are written, such as pumps and pumps are written in the title. In the late ranking of the time can be a small search for the pump to withdraw, as long as in the description of this keyword can be, users in the search for the pump will also see the description of the label red words, so this does not affect the user experience. Of course, if you don't have a lot of keywords in the title of your site, you can also permanently put the word pump in the title.

At present, according to the author observed that in the synonym recognition Baidu is the strongest, other search engines or in this piece is weaker. I observed search, Sogou, Google, have found that in the title of the full presence of the pump this word to get the rankings. And in Baidu you see a few pages in front of a lot of Web sites did not appear the word pump, just the word water pumps. This means that Baidu is the best in synonym recognition, but if you want to pump the word in other search engine rankings, you have to appear in the title of the word pump. The word is not to appear in front of the pump because of the fear of your site title is too long and not enough, if your site does not have many keywords, it is best to put on.

Synonyms for the benefits of the site also give you clear, I hope that we recognize this can be beneficial to our site and we do not notice the importance of the word, the article content by the Taiwan Spring Pump share, reprinted a friend a little copyright awareness, With the link address, thank you.

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