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last mentioned the subject resources of the Web site to promote the way, this time with you webmaster share is the subject of resources to increase the original site of some methods.

1, enhance the website popularity, lets the user produce the original content

An excellent website, should be full of interactive color. If only rely on webmaster one's own strength to increase the original content of the site, the difficulty is very big. Using the last mentioned popularity promotion approach, the website has gained more popularity, should encourage the user to participate in the subject knowledge discussion. This will not only increase the original content of the site, but also to maintain a high frequency of updates to the site, the search engine included extremely favorable.

2, make full use of the question and answer platform, the formation of original content

Subject resources Webmaster should always pay attention to the network on the question and answer platform, such as Baidu know, Sina love to ask. Because these platform's knowledge is relatively strong, is the website content renewal reliable source. Question and answer platform divided into questions and answer two parts, a problem often there will be more than one answer, and the same or similar problems more, the webmaster can be edited on these content, so that they become their own website things. Of course, in addition, you can also open a quiz channel or forum on your own website.

3, keep pace with the times, pay close attention to subject news

Shaogui in the "Knowledge of survival: Webmaster from today's attention to the news bar" has been mentioned, webmaster timely attention to news, you can first grasp the pulse of the industry, adjust the direction of the development of the website; The effect of subject news on the originality of website content no longer repeat.

4, the collection of subject-related video, for my use

Webmaster often with text or pictures and other content dealing with, sometimes may ignore the role of video. If you look carefully, the subject-related videos should be there. The use of related video has two aspects: one is to add a direct reference to their own web site, enrich the content of the site, add fun; the second is the reuse of video content. Because of the subject knowledge involved in video, it may not have the corresponding text content on the network. This way the webmaster can convert the audio content of the video into text content, thereby increasing the originality of the website. Some videos above have subtitles or outline, very convenient webmaster use.

4. Transform an angle to view the subject courseware

For most subject resources Web sites, courseware this form of content in the site must be very common. Webmaster usually just upload the courseware to the website for users to download, but the courseware has other functions. may wish to change an angle to think, these courseware also has the text content, some even is rare in the network, then why not "take" the text content again to the website. This content becomes a source of original content of the website. In fact, this approach is the same as the use of video, but courseware is easier to use than video.

5, break through conventional ideas, the site can also have more content

In the final analysis, the above 4 methods are for the general content, nothing more than the subject knowledge, news, topics and so on. Mastering these methods may only be a certain degree of assurance of originality. Subject Resources Web site there are more content to do, Shaogui in practice, in addition to the above types of content, but also the subject of information worthy of development. For example, online shopping is one of the messages. Webmaster may wish to think: "My site is about a certain subject, I went to the shopping site to search the subject name, when I saw a lot of merchandise results, I finally understand that my subject site is far from doing enough content." Because I have little information on my website and I don't make any profit from it. "If you see a flaw in the content of the Web site, think quickly and act quickly," he said. Perhaps your site has not done or did not do this type of content, then this is the original content of your site is a great opportunity for the rapid increase in volume. (Shaoqui Tiger)

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