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Recently, in order to attend the Max essay, spent two noon is written two articles, after writing decided to create a new blog, first published in their blog, and then published in A5 and Marx Forum, look at this for the inclusion of how much impact, by the way to consolidate the recently learned SEO knowledge.

So I August 7 began to build a Web site, with the WordPress blog program, the program installed after downloading a few plug-ins with the use of debugging, after the normal began to release a mood log, this site is officially on the line, and then I wrote their own in the local Marx essay "Goodbye to Max" Posted on the blog, completed the August 7 work.

August 8, I also published an article on Max SEO, the article is also used to participate in the Marx Essay contest, the article called "Max CMS novice seo detailed", after the release of the article, because I have something, hurried to the two essay contest articles submitted to the official forum of Marx, Then submit it again to A5, and attach the site of the station, and then went out.

Back in the evening when the host out of the problem, has been not open, asked the agent to know is the computer room router problem, I was dizzy! feel oneself point too back, how can the key Time "cold"? If Baidu and Google spiders to crawl when found that the site is not open, and so long did not open, I will rest.

August 9 morning I tried to visit their new build blog, the results opened, all normal, I hold a try the mentality of the station is included, the results of a look at Baidu and Google all included me, snapshots stay on August 8.

This station is included every other day, and there is no other resources available, although compared to some SEO experts are insignificant, but for beginners this is a progress! Considering that the official forum of Marx is a relatively high weight site, so I think that is because of the two articles in the chain of the outside to let my small station was quickly included.

As a result, I think many of the newly built Max film stations can write 1-2 of their own high quality soft text, then published to the official forum of Marx and A5 forum or other webmaster forum, you can also contribute to A5 (the probability of being reproduced is very large), and also attach their own web site, so that the new set of film station quickly be included. But please note that the quality of the article, the best of their original, do not casually change the articles of others to be released, this is not good! The above is to have no resources to their friends some suggestions, if you have a lot of high weight of the station, casually to the new station do a link will be included.

The above is my small station is quickly included in the experience, I hope to have the interests of friends to communicate.

The article starts,QQ:411185440.

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