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SEO is a simple entry, but can not fully understand the technology, any one SEO master can only do unlimited proximity to the search engine algorithm, and can never master the search engine algorithm. It is mainly the search engine page of the natural ranking section, that is, the left part of the page, generally with paid advertising (PPC) is not directly related. SEO optimization for the site can be divided into the main station optimization and outside the station optimization two parts, here mainly in the station, outside the site optimization of the more important page title, the distribution of the main text and how to do external links.


Page title refers to the text contained in the title tag, is the user in the use of search engine directly to see the content, can be said to be the most important page optimization factors. For the title tag, the general suggestion is to follow the head tag, it is necessary to remember not to insert JAVASCRPT code in their midst, so that the search engine quickly find the title of the page. At the same time, the page title writing must not repeat, the title is the search engine to judge the relevance of the important basis for the use of duplicate labels is a great waste, the user experience will be affected. This is a lot of webmasters often make mistakes, even some large it sites are often the case. The title tag of the home page is recommended for manual writing, do not intentionally stack keywords in the title, and can appropriately integrate several groups of keywords to optimize the effect of a relatively better long tail words, category page labels can use the "category name-site name/company Name" form, the product within the page can be used "product name/ Article title-Category name-site name/company name. The title should be written to accurately describe the main content of the page, so that users can glance at the theme of the page, search engines can immediately know the relevance of the page. It is important to note that, because search engine search results List page Header word number of the display has a certain limit, more than the part will be replaced by ellipsis. Therefore, according to the study, the title of the word is best not more than 30 Chinese characters, or 65 English characters.


The key words in the text mainly involve the two concepts of word frequency and keyword density. What needs to be mentioned is that now the search engine algorithm has been improved, the keyword density is already a less important concept. Generally speaking, the contents of the content of the key words appear two or three times on it, the length of the larger key words appear five or six times is enough, do not stack keywords. Usually the first 50 to 100 words in the text appear in the key words can get a relatively high weight, in the natural writing of the initial paragraph used to name the argument, so the proposed text in the first paragraph of the first sentence on the occurrence of keywords. Then in the body argument part again appears two or three keywords, the end appears again the keyword. Then the text optimization is completed.

I study the search engine algorithm when found that the algorithm and people are not the same, the algorithm can not intuitively understand the meaning of words. If two words in the search for an article in the same time many times, search engines will think they are synonyms, such as search engines do not really know SEO is search engine optimization, but they often appear together, then the search engine will judge they are synonymous, there is a high correlation. When writing the content of the article, if you combine these synonyms, can also achieve a very good effect.

Outside chain

External links is an important part of the optimization outside the station, link is the cornerstone of the Internet, search engine spiders through the link from one site to another site, links can be said to connect the various sites between the bridge, the user through the link in the Internet in the world of endless swim. The more relevant external links to the site, the more the weight gain in the search engine, the equivalent of each page link to the site to be optimized is to give this site a vote, the site to get the number of votes, the more the more the search engine can be trusted. If a high weight of the site to you optimize the site to do the external links, then your site All page rankings will be improved, the page is the search engine as a spam content of the less likely, the weight of your site will have a qualitative leap. It can be said that the importance of external links far more than in-station optimization.

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