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In the rapid development of the Internet era, enterprises in order to save the cost of advertising investment, the marketing has pointed to the network, in the Network Marketing, forum marketing is attracting a lot of enterprise's eyes, many enterprises have picked up a forum marketer a network marketing tool, but many enterprises in the Forum marketing operations are competing to the road to failure, This is also the author writes this article today the most main reason, implements the forum marketing to walk well these three steps.

One: Choose the right forum, enterprises in the implementation of forum marketing, must be based on the characteristics of enterprise products, choose the right forum, it is best to directly hit the target forum. Enterprise failure reasons: one-sided pursuit of forum popularity, do not consider the release of information and forum plate is consistent, that the higher the popularity, the more people concerned about enterprise information, which is the most important reason for failure.

Second: Clever design posts, as a carrier of product information transmission, the success of information transmission depends mainly on the title of the post, theme, thread three parts. If a post can attract clicks, clever delivery of enterprise product information, while allowing netizens to feel the suspicion of advertising, then this post is very successful.

Third: Tracking maintenance posts: forum because it is interactive place, the post will soon sink, sinking the post is obviously difficult to play the role of marketing, so the forum marketing maintenance posts is the most important step. Timely top paste to let the post in the home page, so that the enterprise to convey information for a longer time, to maintain the post, you can from the pros and cons of 2 to hype, debate, stir up controversy, can be the post "hot" so as to attract more netizens attention.

Enterprises to seize the three-step marketing, to achieve marketing results in the inevitable. Seek cooperation marketing hype please contact the author-small width

Pay case: Classic Forum marketing case: Migrant workers do not understand English can be back words contest prizes?!! is not a very classic, a single push 18 forum inside a classic marketing case.

These come to the author and experience, I hope to give a diagnosis of the site to bring certain effects, but also hope that more friends to push 18 Forum free diagnostics site, the author will be dedicated to friends to write can bring to the site benefits of the planning program.

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