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Recently, some readers to donews reflected that some of the domestic domain name registration agencies suspected of using customer consultation materials secretly registered domain name, after the transfer.

According to some readers, in recent months, after the emergence of the odd sound electronics, Guangzhou Automobile Group, the Charm clan MP3, Hainan Airlines and many other well-known enterprises in the Chinese domain name, by the "Professional domain name Registration service Agencies" Registered cases, these are registered experience is roughly the same, first in the Domain name registry system to provide inquiries, Then found that the original has not yet registered domain names were suddenly caught.

"Previously, individuals were registering. CN domain name, now even some in the Cnnic star list of domain name registration enterprises are also using the hands of power, wantonly plundering domain name resources. Now, they are registering the domain name already in a lot more than a person who registers the insider of a domain name registration body Mr. Liang to reporters broke domain name registration shady.

Said Mr. Liang. CN domain name registration because of the by million dollar high-priced selling and domain name dispute Resolution revision of the stimulus, some originally legitimate business domain name registration service agencies, also began to join the domain name registrars, such institutions by their own familiar with the domain name business process and the management of the database channel connection and other convenient conditions, a large number of registers belong to the enterprise's various domain name identification, and The use of some enterprises for fear of trouble psychology, add a price of about one to sell for profit.

Mr. Liang revealed to reporters the process of registration, these domain name registrars are usually in receipt of business consulting related to the registration process, rob before the enterprise registration, until the company formally submitted registration application, told the enterprise that the domain name has been registered.

Because in the enterprise to their consulting domain name registration business at the same time, mastered the user's business needs information, so fast and then turn around to sell the means, targeted strong, repeatedly succeeded. Mr Liang told reporters, "Now a domestic Chinese domain name registration price of 280 yuan, enterprises to take back the need to pay more than 600 yuan." For the Enterprise 300 yuan, 400 yuan is nothing at all, therefore, there are many enterprises, especially large enterprises also recognized. Finish)

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