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For a long time did not write articles, today and some novice to communicate about the site optimization to be carried out preparation work. I am also a novice, I hope and you can communicate a lot.

1: First take over a website to do optimization, first of all to the search engine to site for example: see included No, if you can find information is included, not included in the site, is not to do optimization, Of course, you can use some of your own technical means to promote the site included. Generally do optimization is based on the site included on the basis of. Of course, do not rule out Web site production and optimization are made by a person or a company. Query under the number of this site and the number of actual articles, and then check out the chain of the site, as well as a variety of rankings including Alexa and Chinarank site in the rankings can also explain a certain problem, the individual think that the ranking and optimization is also a certain role.

2: Then look at the overall structure of the site, whether it is in line with the search engine crawl, mainly to see whether the entire site is static, site navigation is text, whether the site used flahs and too many pictures and so on

3: Look at this site's title and keywords as well as the description of the writing, although the keyword tag has been able to say that there is no big role, but if the use of good or has a certain role, the key words do not accumulate, the description of whether the wording includes keywords, whether the title is too long and

4: The home page whether there is a friendship link check whether there is a garbage connection or is a number of k or down the right of the site links have words mercilessly removed

5: The picture is added Alt label

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