Taking wedding photography website as an example to analyze the Word-of-mouth and brand building of regional websites

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Many companies want to set up their own corporate web site in the industry or the region of the city business card, let everyone mention this industry or the city can be conditioned to think of enterprises and corporate websites. As the type of E-commerce site, we should pay attention to the credibility, Word-of-mouth and brand building. Regional Wedding photography site also needs to pay attention to Word-of-mouth and brand building, the following from a few aspects of this type of site to brief the Word-of-mouth and brand building.

First of all, the content of the site to highlight. The purpose of website promotion is to increase the click rate of the website, so that more people can know and visit the company's website, and wedding photography type of site mainly to picture display, how to stand out in these sites, it is necessary to make their own enterprise characteristics, in addition, in order to improve the attractiveness of the site, it is best to have a variety of photographic sets of discount information, Different shooting techniques, senior photographers, unique location, such as the introduction of the text.

Generally speaking, the homepage eye-catching place should be the slide, the main display of this shop has the characteristic sample demonstration. Then there is the text information, which includes:

(a) Introduce the price and content of the package, it is best to set the amount of the original price and activity price together, give customers a strong visual impact, so that it really feel the strength of the discount.

(b) web forum, some company customers to shoot the sample (a variety of shooting techniques, a variety of shooting sites are selected some show), at the same time to introduce a simple, it is best to attract customers to leave a message, the photographic company's praise and recognition, including browsing the forum of the wedding photos of the praise and other content. This will greatly enhance the attractiveness and persuasion of the site.

Secondly, cooperate with local media, build the reputation of enterprise and enterprise website. Cooperation with local media, can expand the impact of the brand, as a wedding photography site, more effective media is mainly local brand forum and fashion newspapers, where the local brand forum is to focus on, for example, in Wuhan will be the main focus on Wuhan hotline, through the main place of the brand Forum, In a short period of time in the hearts of netizens to establish a good brand image, enhance visibility, fashion newspapers, such as the first life is to play an auxiliary role, through the above two ways of advocacy, so that users form a good brand impression. In addition to the above two methods, you can also regularly find large brands to cooperate, can rely on its brand influence to promote Word-of-mouth, often can achieve a multiplier effect.

Third, the brand and local characteristics can be combined to make it more local characteristics and easy to be accepted. In the initial stage of the development of the site, can be organized in the region can be combined with the characteristics of the region's activities, such as wedding photography site can be combined with the region such as sponsorship to hold a collective wedding, supplemented by a coupon or draw for free wedding photography places and other means, This effect will be very good: direct access to customer resources at the same time, easy to be local news sites or newspaper reports, in the potential customer population has a significant impact, to a large extent promote the spread of the website brand. In addition, through the combination of local characteristics of the activities, through the service of these customer resources, to expand brand reputation and reputation, enhance brand image and influence.

Finally, we must establish the website information dissemination channel, deletes the website negative information in time.

To promote local website Word-of-mouth and brand building, must establish some influential information dissemination channel, if can use now the more popular microblog, may mobilize the wedding photography company's staff to start to record the daily shot the dribs and drabs, some service customer's customer's experience as the case form writes out, Give people a real feeling, more likely to attract netizens resonance. And in the process of website construction, once found negative or not conducive to the site brand and Word-of-mouth construction content, all must be deleted in the first time, to avoid the spread of negative emotions.

Serious research and do a good job above four points, I believe that we can create a local impact of the site brand, at the same time in the hearts of netizens to form a good reputation, still waiting for what? Act quickly, the sooner you act, the sooner you can achieve success! [This article by http://www.demleague.org.cn Wuhan Fu Bao Network technology company Feeds]

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