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In recent years, with the development of Taobao faster and faster, many traditional industries have been tempted to join the ranks of Taobao, because these industries are undoubtedly very high quality, for consumers is a very good information, but for businesses, it means that competition intensifies. According to the relevant data statistics show that the current acquisition of a new customer cost will be around 4 yuan, so, in the flow of more and more expensive, conversion rate is worse, in the end is to increase the intensity of advertising or another open a new road to become a lot of shops success or failure of important factors. The following is the author of the Cat shop as an example, talk about how to carry out in-depth marketing, through the cultivation of internal strength, do a good job in detail to the old customers from 10% to 30%.

First of all, from the current several indicators of the shop, are significantly lower than the average level of the industry. is the conversion rate of 0.8% or so, the old customers at around 10%, customer unit price of 70-75 yuan, and the conversion rate of the industry average of about 1.6%, the old customers around 30%. The only thing higher than the industry level is traffic, with nearly 20,000 visitors entering the store every day, which is higher than the other 90% stores. The customer unit price is included in the postage, that is, the customer unit price of 60 yuan. We are a use of the purchase system, through the board of the plate, the factory large cargo mode of operation, the quality of the product is absolutely guaranteed, but why these data are far below the industry level? In the words of the boss is 19 yuan of Odell Cotton dresses sent out, worth 50 yuan of merchandise, In the eyes of the customer is only worth 30 yuan. This is why the store operation for two years, large and small promotional activities to do nearly 100, the number of old customers has exceeded 100,000, but the store monthly sales can not stabilize the problem of 1 million yuan.

After diagnosis and analysis, the reasons for the failure of the shop is mainly in several aspects. The first is to sell the number of shocks to the market, after the sale of the chain basically did not do too many things. Each promotional activity of more than 10 yuan low price products are always able to create very good sales data in the short term, but once the price increase sales on the plunge. Second, the shop's current style positioning is not clear. In last year's flagship is a dress supermarket, shop a total of 300 varieties of a variety of dresses, positioning is more clear. And the current stage of the new model is mainly to produce simple process, market potential to order. Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea Wind have, t-shirts, dresses, chiffon shirts, trousers, these merchandise shops are selling. Therefore, the art will often be more confused, the shop's main color can not be determined, you can not design a more brand taste of the home and Baby details page. Third, each time the new model is a 15-day pre-sale way to sell, but often committed to the time can not be cashed, often appear reminders of buyers than the next single buyer more embarrassing situation, to customer service caused a lot of pressure. Here are some of the biggest problems at the moment.

After going to Hangzhou for a four-day devil training, the boss of the bitter experience, decided to start from the cultivation of internal strength, the shop's foundation to play well, and took the following measures.

First, the emphasis on individual initiative, to dare to challenge themselves, and strive to become high-energy, high-level, high wages of employees. Every time the staff meeting, the boss always through a variety of cases to motivate employees, do not do similar people, we must strive for excellence, think of what links can continue to improve. Think more, experiment more, find a better way.

Second, let professional people do professional things. Each employee has his or her own strengths, so the emphasis is on doing the right thing, but too much in other things. For example, when buying a hand, color is not allowed to make room for the master to raise objections, because compared to the buyer's eye is definitely higher than others, so the boss chose to believe their eyes, so that will not appear in the middle of other obstacles, to improve on the new speed.

Third, strengthen the construction of enterprise culture. For example, customer service in the meeting when the difficult buyers caused by bad mood, the boss suggested to buy some soda in the fridge, you can drink buck. In addition, buy back a tumbler placed at the meeting, if customers encounter similar customers, through the percussion tumbler to vent, improve emotional control ability. Organize staff training sessions every Saturday afternoon. There are three places each time, let staff volunteer to participate in, speech or share content is mainly to work-related. The purpose of this is to let other colleagues better understand their position of the work flow, play a better match effect, but also improve the ability of the staff speech. At present, there have been two internal training, there are colleagues to do a through train, Taobao guest promotion, how to eliminate the difference in the evaluation, do not deliberately overcome shortcomings but will play to the ultimate advantage of these themes, have been enthusiastically participated in. The participants will get a small red flag, which will be directly linked to the bonus. In addition, bought a whiteboard specifically to do "My Youth, My dream" to share the forum. The theme is, are you making progress today? You can get a small red flag on the sticker posted on your work with the progress you have made. And some bosses in the meeting will often emphasize some slogans or ideas summed up, made PC board hanging on the wall. Also did the development of the Enterprise section, the company's development process of some memorable things, photos posted, so that employees have a stronger sense of belonging.

Four, the photographer applied to buy a new camera, spent nearly 30,000 yuan, the goal is to improve the visual effect of detail map, so that customers to eliminate doubts and early orders. In the process of photography, emphasis on artistic conception rather than background, a corner shot out of the picture can also have a good visual effect, to be realistic, rather than pull out the background of the PS effect.

Five, the art redesign New Baby Details page template, for the monthly sales of 300 pieces of the key to do optimization. As far as possible from the visual marketing point of view to persuade buyers, reduce customer service consultation rate, so that the work of customer service to the sale of the link transfer.

Six, the monthly member day to the customer service supervisor to lead, each issue through a different theme, for the old customers for certain benefits, increase their repeated purchase times. Every Wednesday new product section on a regular basis, so that old customers each visit has a new surprise, improve the number of repeat purchase. Will purchase a large number of customers to classify, targeted to send mobile phone messages, want to information, meticulous to what kind of customer crowd fit to wear what style of clothing, reduce the sending of spam information, improve the hit rate.

Seven, the factory increases the scale, takes the discovery goods the sale way, enhances the shop the dynamic cent. At present, the speed of the shop delivery rate is 4.4 points, this is the biggest problem of restricting development. The cycle of each order is increased, rather than doing activities, first of all through the internal staff forecasts and put on the shelf to predict the largest collection of large goods, wait until there is a certain amount of inventory to do promotional activities, so as to greatly improve the customer's shopping experience, not to appear reminders caused by bad mood and at random to give the evaluation.

Through the above skills of the strategy of perseverance persisted 2 months, after 2 major promotional activities to wake up the sleeping more than 70,000 members, I believe that the arrival of the summer season, the old customers must be increased to 30%.

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