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In 08, the push Bar ran a movie website for an avid Internet client, the customer itself engaged in the sales industry, and the movie site was free time to run. Now a lot of movie sites, but roughly one analysis are some garbage stations. Buy a space and use the locomotive to collect it. Then every day in the major webmaster forum inside poor, say what day sad, stationmaster is not a person life. If this is easy to make money, it is not every webmaster have hair.

Here are some details about the movie website.

10 million do not put the erotic traffic Union. Everyone in SEO every day, are talking about the user experience, then the movie site is really considered the user experience. Now the users of the movie is not the time to look for a Web site to see the "small movie" era. Most users are really having the habit of watching movies. Although the Erotic Alliance can bring some traffic, it is also rubbish flow. People who love to watch movies are disgusted with pornographic images.

2 The cleanliness of the page, user-friendly search. Most of the movie sites no matter what the ads, is a full, real film on the page is very small, users do not know the point that will see the film. And most users watch movies using the habit of searching in the station, looking for movies he needs to see. If this does not add page ads mess. No user will be interested in such a site for a long time.

3 Set up the movie website QQ Group and the customer service QQ number. To create benefits through film users, you must try to serve the users. QQ Group can let the website user gathers and discusses for a long time. QQ number is convenient for those who want to demand movie users. If these can make the user satisfied. Imagine, you only in the QQ group launched to let everyone point to advertising, income is too easy things.

4 provide as many services as possible to other stations. The same movie site, if you are the most common one, if the user encounters a movie site better than you, he will slowly leave your site. So try to provide some services that other movie sites don't have. Let the user really feel to leave this website is inconvenient to go online.

The rest is not spoken. As long as the real "user experience", net profit is not really so difficult. By the way ad: Push Bar ( Sincerely welcome everyone to talk to each other. QQ Group: 37654261

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