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Following our [understanding of the site planning (1)] [understanding of the site planning (2)] Two articles, we basically on the site optimization planning early work has a basic understanding.

Next we should start the design and layout of the site content. SEO optimization, the title of the weight is very high, there is no description of good title, there is no grasp the keyword for a reasonable description, this is the need to constantly study to try to figure out, so I said title titles of the description of profound, in fact, not too much.

The description of title refers to the participle we often refer to. If the word segmentation technology can be more in-depth research, then your SEO technology is equivalent to improve a stage.

The description of title does not have a very good definition, I also do not have so deep understanding and mastery of title. A really good title, from the weight and the perspective of the long tail, there will be many different combinations of ways, so participle is often a vexing problem.

The following I only talk about their own ideas, for reference only, do not recommend the direct reference to my ideas.

One, title don't stack too many keywords

This is my most annoying, but also the least favorite. You can go to Baidu search a more popular word, such as "LV", you know what is dazzling, see you straight dizzy, for such title title Description way, I do not recommend this to write, is equivalent to piling. But you may ask, why the higher ranking is LV wrote many times. You can go to Google search, and Baidu to make a comparison, you should be able to understand what.

Second, title titles should not be too long

Title as long as the core keyword description clearly can, generally do not exceed 25 characters, 50 English letters. is generally the most core keywords appear first, for example, "SEO", that title can generally write seoxxxxx, such a writing. Of course, Xxxxxseo is also possible, but I prefer the first description of the way.

Third, the site name and the core description of the order

General our website name if called "Guangdong Shantou Golden General Network Company", it is best to "Guangdong Shantou Golden General Network Company" put in the title of the last, in front of the company's description, for example, said: "SEO website Optimization service provider-Guangdong Shantou Golden General Network Company" such a discharge order.

Title of the description to be continued, after I summed up some ideas come out and share.

Author: Ouyangqiu

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