The disadvantages and advantages of the medical profession to do paste marketing

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A lot of health care industry is attached to the marketing, because they feel that stick is a good place, but, some friends think that paste bar marketing is not too good to run, will bring a lot of the opposite effect. Today, Qingdao SEO take Baidu Post bar, for everyone to introduce the medical industry to do paste bar marketing shortcomings and advantages, I hope to help you.

First of all we come to understand what is Baidu Post bar, Baidu Bar is a topic of interest to aggregate like-minded interactive platform. I believe that friends will always visit the bar, in the bar to see some beautiful pictures and so on, while a lot of patients through the bar to vent their own heart of unhappiness. So, stick marketing is a treasure, how to do, we need to pay attention to things.

The disadvantage of the medical profession to do paste marketing

1, the false ingredient is too high. We casually find a stick in, such as psoriasis Bar, many people know that this disease is not good treatment, especially in this place to send ads, will let real patients to your hospital caused a lot of error, will feel that your hospital is some advertising, and especially a no good reputation of the hospital, do not easily to do paste marketing , the effect is very poor.

2, the interaction is strong, not control the development of the situation. We said earlier, Baidu Bar is a more interactive place, there will be a lot of netizens to this place to stroll, then, for example, you sent a hospital posts, especially in the irrelevant bar, will let some love this post posted netizens are very disgusted.

The advantages of the medical profession to do paste marketing

1, included good. Many medical friends are particularly interested in the inclusion of the situation, especially the external effect at the same time bullish on this point. Baidu posted a very good, ranking is generally in the home page, so said, this is a focus on the medical industry, in accordance with the premise of the rules of Baidu, to maximize the use of stick bar for us to lock accurate users, so that we promote stability in the promotion.

2. Strong marketing style. Previously said, Baidu bar visitors are very large, that is to say this platform is a lot of attention, if you operate properly, you can be your own hospital very good hype, but, the key is to see how you do, how to be able to hospital marketing significance to show the incisively and vividly.

3, Word-of-mouth effect is good. Many hospitals are concerned about is Word-of-mouth marketing, it is true, for a hospital in terms of words, do not have a good reputation, for everyone's point of view is very poor, especially the effect of the word of mouth is what? Then, Baidu Bar will be a good reputation of the birthplace of medical industry.

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