The effect of soft wen is getting worse

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Soft Wen is a very good way of marketing propaganda, but unfortunately the effect of soft wen is getting worse, the webmaster personally put the soft Wen this marketing way to ruin, now the soft text has been the Crown "junk article" logo. To see the major forums you will find that the forum is almost all soft, some copy from the network collection. Soft Wen was originally a marketing effect, through the reading and understanding of the article so as to obtain traffic, to achieve the desired marketing effect. And now the soft text completely subvert this concept, soft text is the best embodiment of the garbage article, the only function of soft text is to get outside the chain.

In fact, everyone is very clear, now the soft text is tantamount to garbage, so in the forum to see almost all soft wen, we will not feel very strange, we have been accustomed to this kind of publicity, you weak Wen, I also weak Wen. The most regrettable is that the garbage soft article to a lot of good articles to destroy, a lot of seriously do site webmaster to destroy. A good article, you publish to the forum will also be submerged in an instant, disappeared without a trace, the role of propaganda. Even more hateful is that everyone copied your article to publish, and the department on their own website links, the article was quickly crazy biography, thoroughly into a garbage article.

Now, I am not weak at all, I know very well, soft text has long lapsed, in a pirated horizontal network, no one is willing to stop to read an article, no one understand your good intentions, everyone is a passer-by. If you're still thinking about using a soft text to promote yourself, then I can tell you that it is impossible, not only to achieve the propaganda effect, but also to personally destroy their own website. Because now the Internet, peremptory become a world of piracy, no one will respect copyright, copyright in everyone's eyes is a fart, or even fart is inferior. It is because we do not attach importance to copyright, many excellent webmaster are unwilling to share.

Why do we have to share their articles in order to be recognized, get the flow, and no matter what kind of articles you publish, can not be rewarded, ask, why do we have to share their good articles, it is worth it. If just to get a link, we can do the signature, go to the blog message, many paths can be achieved, there is no need to be hard to share the original, not our stingy, but we do not get any benefits. The spirit of the Internet is to share, but sharing is also a prerequisite, we share other people's things, at least to respect the original, can not say what other people's things as their own.

I see some very serious webmaster, they are still seriously sharing their feelings, their site just published the original article, has not been included in the search engine, the first time to send to the forum, actively and everyone to share, they still hold a fantasy, hope that their articles can attract attention, but they do not know, This article has been repeatedly collected to the major sites, and has been included and has a ranking, and their original articles are still not included, not to mention ranking. Since the effect of soft wen has been so poor, we should be completely put down, do not want to think of the whimsical through the soft text to promote their own website.

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