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Recently, Xiao Feng participated in a number of online marketing meetings, the meeting has repeatedly expressed the opportunity of wireless network. Also more than once to the enterprise related aspects of product sales and guidance. In fact, in the small maple seems in the current information age, the network has undoubtedly become a ' military strategist ', the spread of information and the speed of the Internet has become the focus of marketing.

Small Maple 09 officially into the network marketing industry, initially felt that the industry is more advanced, and full of many opportunities. But after more than one year's development, the network marketing has become the important channel which the enterprise obtains the order. 09 Small Maple in the network marketing training for the first brand of Yili Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. of the Million-MA Customer Network Marketing Department of the school, engaged in network promotion work. In this period of time, I have such personal experience, network competition has increased dramatically. I remember in 09 when I was online search "Network marketing Training", when I remember the line in the home of cattle business nets, Tanjin and Yili Network Marketing College, at that time I remember more clearly, at that time I know that is the few more well-known. After a short period of six months, by the end of 09, in the search "Network Marketing Training" This word, the first ten are Baidu to do the bidding, the network marketing training competition intensity is very hot. So far, if you want to participate in online marketing training, search the relevant information on the Internet, you can not help but will make you suddenly dazzling, if you are a new contact with the industry!

In less than a year's time, in terms of network marketing training, the intensity of competition is exploding sharply. 09 ' Network Marketing Training ' the term of the bid price is probably around 2.00¥, this year's ' Network marketing training ' The price of the word has been in a number of network marketing training in the enterprise competition has risen to 13.00¥ more, so said the message and network media growth is very fast. At the same time, also proved that through the Internet for businesses to bring the interests of the space is huge. Small maple in the network Marketing College of the day, the real sense of the development of the network marketing the rapid pace of progress, every day a lot of business calls to recruit, but also a real taste of what is a daughter difficult to find a feeling! Network Marketing engineers have become a sought-after talent, The talent market presents a scene of short supply. However, in such a development environment just began to hot scenes, has not ushered in the ebb of the curtain, new media is emerging, is about to become the next focus of business opportunities-Unlimited Network Marketing!

A conference in 26 cities, organized by the National Copyright Bureau 25th, emphasizes the importance of unlimited market and unlimited marketing of mobile phones. At this meeting has such a word I feel quite deep: let users in the most prosperous market, find the most eye-catching you! How do we make ourselves visible on the web, How to let other people find us, in fact, is the content of our work! Let us become eye-catching, in fact, we must first to promote their own information out, increase coverage! How to let others find themselves, is to enhance their own network creativity and planning ability to soft text to attract other people's eyes. There are many enterprises or individuals in the network marketing, but there are a large number of people are silent in the network of the army, then we have to get rid of this situation, that is to build their own brand! What is a brand? Brand is an enterprise's value carrier, is a kind of core competitiveness, is a kind of culture embodiment. The establishment of corporate brand is also in the corresponding national call and support! 07 our national economic policy slogan is: To promote enterprise independent innovation, the establishment of their own brand! 09 National Economic policy Call: Enterprise Independent innovation, the establishment of their own brand! 10 National economic policy slogan: Demand Enterprise Independent innovation! National policy by advocacy- -------------------------change of demand is not only the requirement and development trend of enterprise adapting to world development the update speed of the Internet changes very quickly, the creation of a network brand is imperative, to see your own business in the network marketing, whether have their own brand? Your idea whether to take into account the long-term development of the design!!

The pace of network marketing to today's situation, we need is no longer pure information released, we want is the depth of interaction, to be accurate marketing! At present, some traditional industries, but also gradually into the ranks of network marketing, internet marketing is bound to be in the next 5 years, to become enterprises competing for the military war. So, in this situation, we have to seek a new way out, that is unlimited network marketing! According to the relevant data show: At present, China's netizens have reached 340 million people, and the current number of computers in China about 120 million, this figure is disproportionate; Mobile internet users 230 million, and mobile phone users up to 800 million. With the maturity of mobile internet tariffs, the number of unlimited Internet users in the next 2 years will certainly exceed the user of the computer Internet! Therefore, unlimited network marketing potential is HUGE!

In the era of rapid development of internet marketing, we should also pay attention to the unlimited network marketing and other new media, to seek new opportunities for development. Hope that small maple can bring help to everyone! I also hope that we can interact with the small maple! Small Maple Personal qq:1253843417 personal website: Small Maple Blog:

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