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New station to establish how to upgrade the initial site rankings, increase the site included, this is a lot of webmaster headaches, but also reflects the value of an SEO, whether it is the enterprise station or industry station, there are many new stations in the early days of the establishment, and constantly copy sticky paste on other people's website content, a large number of collection articles, outside the chain can do more than 200, forum Blog messages, classified information network, spam sites continue to be sent, and constantly deleted, and finally led to the site will be right, included down, ranking decline. Recommended Webmaster site in the initial stage of establishment, internal optimization and the establishment of the chain must be carefully done to make the site safely through the inspection period, and constantly on the right track.

optimization of internal structure of website

1, the title does not repeat changes

We all know that the site's title is the most important part of the site optimization, and some webmaster in the website after the site, found that the title is not good, modified, after the change feeling is not good, and repeated changes, in fact, this impact on the site is still very large, like a recent web site International Wine Investment Network, on the modification of the title led to the fall, ranking decline, but the current constantly updated original articles, high-quality Web site outside the chain, the site will slowly be better.

2, bread crumbs Navigation

Now a lot of web sites are taking breadcrumbs to navigate, one is to improve the user experience, so that users can easily find the path back, and the second is to let search engines visit your site, breadcrumbs can help visitors know where they are, and may bring to the more advanced pages, while breadcrumbs navigation to increase the relevance of content, Increase the density of keywords. The following is the International Wine Merchants Network, bread crumbs navigation you can see:


3, the relevance of the content of the website

Many sites in the article details page plus related articles to view, or on an article, the next, in fact, this is nothing but to increase the relevance of the site content, webmaster Search engine perspective, search engine very much hope that each site's content is tightly around their own website theme to unfold, so to care about the better, The more search engines like.


Second, the site outside the chain construction should be gradual

Site outside the chain built in the site optimization has an important line of the region, but for a new station, the site outside the chain of construction

Must not be careless, outside the chain construction is a gradual process, we can analyze the external chain of competitor's website, take certain measure to construct the outside chain of high quality website, can from soft wen, friendship link, question and answer, forum signature and so on, as long as insists the gradual progress, your website certainly will not be punished, and will be getting better.

The above is the author personally think that for a new station we have to do a few points, after more SEO articles will be taken out and share with you. Reproduced this article please live Source: International Wine Investment Network (, thank you!

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