The old Stationmaster does the station eight years course

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I usually never write articles, this is to promote my own site now deliberately write an article, that is, soft wen, of course, this is also my own true mental process. It's not adulterated at all.

I was starting from 2000 to learn to do the website, was not for fun, is to make use of the site to make money, I remember the first use of free space is Chinese, domain name or: Such, I believe there must be a lot of old webmaster friends remember, at that time a lot of free space, The most famous is the free space of NetEase.

The first website made in 2000 had only dozens of IP per day, hanging up at the time of the 8848 electronic Mall Click Ads a few cents a day, now want to think that was really funny and very persistent, only a few cents website has been insisting on doing, then may be really interested in doing the website, at that time still in school, The website is in the spare time to do, every day ceaselessly in add oneself like the thing. After two or three years, the idea and technology to do the website slowly matured. A free movie station was made in 03, the movie is all hotlinking, spends 70 yuan money to register the first international Domain name website, the website now already does not exist, simultaneously also is the mobile phone monthly message starts the popular time, 03 time on the network to watch the free movie is not so easy matter, The first money I received at that time was the first money I ever made to make a website. Tom League, I believe that the Tom League must have accomplished a lot of NB Webmaster, at that time, SMS monthly subscription is really too lucrative, network tube LAX, can be induced by pornography, it is said that a day to earn hundreds of thousands of of people have, do not know is true false, Anyway, I am dying of envy, I do not dare to use pornography induction, so did not make too much money, missed a best money generation era, now very regret, at that time did not have the courage to let go. Later began full-time to do the website, and have done a few free movie stations, but also have a separate movie server, every day on the server to suppress the film, learned to play in the movie URL watermark, hehe.

The money I make on the website basically comes from the free movie station. Not too much, but well-off life is no problem, but also save some money up, 06 or 05 because of mobile phone subscribers to a large number of mobile phone users complained, mobile began to implement two times to confirm, then the money is not so good earned, and then the country began to strict the internet, do the site is more difficult, the end of 06 to sell the site, Opened a network company, small companies run well, 08 and start again to do the site, while the company also normal operation. But the site has done a few are inferior to Italy, now do the website is very difficult, many friends also feel, because now the site is too much, is the individual can do one out.

Remember then popular is the Taiji statistics, netease free space, myrice free space, also often go to the website of Angel Garden, there are many, old stationmaster today still remember, hehe.

Write so much, writing is not very good.

URL: have time to see it, see I wrote so many, for a person who does not write articles is very hard ^_^

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