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Search engine marketing is not just search engine optimization, it also contains another form: Paid auction promotion. But this is a kind of fool-type website promotion method, as long as the rich snake can do. But bid promotion do not so easy to do fine, swim Talk blog and you share the advantages and disadvantages of competitive promotion, for everyone to promote their own travel site reference.

Advantages of paid bidding promotion (SEM):

1, high-quality site visitors

In the promotion of paid bidding (SEM), we all to the site to attract those customers to do some analysis, a preliminary understanding of their search engines often search keywords. Therefore, in the pay auction, we are very purposeful to do some keyword bidding, these keywords bring the customer is what you want, they are high-quality site visitors.

2, instant effect singular speed

As long as you are willing to, is a new travel site only to build a minute, you just use paid to promote the promotion can have visitors, the slightest worry about whether the site is included, included amount, PR value.

3. Low start-up cost of paid bid promotion

Google can open a adsence account to pay for the promotion as long as it invests 500 yuan. Baidu is expensive, through the local agency, about 5000 pieces can be paid to promote.

4, for each keyword change site title and description

How important is the title and description of the site to the effectiveness of the pay-for-price promotion? My another article, "Do a good job of Web page title and description--tourism site search engine bidding ranking the Midas Way" did describe, paid auction promotion can be for each keyword modify the title and description of their site, This is basically impossible for SEO website.

The disadvantage of paid bidding promotion (SEM):

1, improper use will burn money

If your travel site uses the search engine pay to promote the words can be careful, to often manage, if used improperly, it is easy to burn your promotional budget, but not what sales revenue

2, the need for human management

If you only think that the search engine paid auction only selected a few key words and bid ranking is wrong, we need to arrange for the strict management of SEM, especially keyword selection, the title of the site, the description of the changes, and constantly change the test to the highest cost-performance combination of keywords, in short, many things Need special person to manage, the industry is called SEM engineer.

3, careful malicious click

Now Baidu in the pay bid is almost every click on more than 2 yuan, if your competitors malicious click on your ads, your loss is much greater.

In short, paid auction promotion (SEM) is another search engine marketing leg, it and SEO neglected one, both comprehensive use, can let your travel website stand out.

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