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Author: Chen Qingchun compared with a few years ago, social media marketing is distributing more glamour. With the development of interactive and experience-centered web2.0 technology, internet services such as blogs, podcasts (video sharing), microblogging, video sharing, SNS (social networking sites), etc. one by one are ready to be used in these "social media", the brand display and the means of dialogue have been strengthened unprecedentedly. As David Meerman Scott, author of the new rules, which uses social media as marketing and PR, David Scott, "Think of the web as a huge city, and social media is the place where people find fun in this city, This makes it easier to understand how marketers can most effectively use social media tools. "Embrace social media" love the Network, Love Freedom, love late, Love night Big Row, love racing, also love 29 pieces of T-shirt, I am not a flag bearer, not who endorsement, I am Han cold, I only represent myself. I'm like you, I'm a guest. This is a customer sincere product please Han Handai Speech advertising language. Seemingly ordinary passage, triggered the 2010 China's Internet, the largest viral transmission phenomenon, "where the object" popular.  Where the customer sincerity in the process of natural is to earn enough eyeballs. "Every object" is only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, by using the concept of Jeffrey Moore, the author of "Bridging the gap", social media marketing has passed through the "technology stage" of a few marketers riders in China, and has entered into the early stage of application.  More and more Chinese enterprises began to actively try social media marketing, which even includes many traditional industries such as tobacco, sanitary ware, such as Red Cloud Honghe Group July 15 this year launched the "Impression Manor" network Interactive game Creative Design Competition, the official website of the flow has so far exceeded tens of millions. Social media Marketing is more active in developed countries. According to statistics, 65% of Fortune 100 companies have their own Twitter accounts, 54% are registered on Facebook, 50% have YouTube channels, 33% have established official blogs; they send 27 tweets per week on average.  Post 3.6 posts on Facebook, upload 10 video clips to YouTube each month, and update 7 posts at the official blog site. Get ready for a date. So, what rules should be followed to use social media to do brand marketing? First of all, I am afraid to recognize and grasp the characteristics of social media. The biggest feature of social media is democracy, participation and interaction, compared with the traditional advertisement which is characterized by extensive, conspicuous and disturbing audio-visual, it matches the content to the people who are willing to receive through search engines and netizens ' recommendation.  Faced with this new form of media, the lack of preparation of the brand may be overwhelmed, or the traditional advertising era of ideas simply copied to social media errors. According to Scott, brands should try to do seven things when they use social media marketing: 1. Identify marketing targets, especially those that are critical to the organizationPeople. It is important to note that, in general, marketing for segments is better than for a large audience. 2. Be a thought leader. Provide valuable and interesting information to interested people, demonstrate their professional knowledge and ability to solve problems for customers, don't blindly puff. 3. Create a wide range of links, including links to your own websites, blogs, and industry partner sites. 4. Encourage people to contact with themselves, so that the channels of communication convenient, smooth, there is a person to track fan users sent information. 5. Actively create and participate in the discussion of relevant groups, and strive to become the leaders and organizers. 6. Add the appropriate tags (keywords) to your Web pages, and include them in the subject index directory for people to find.  7. Few people in the social media field are experts, we are all in the learning process, so we have to actively try new tools and ideas, not appropriate immediately give up, and then try other new things. The success of "every object" is based on the deep understanding and skillful use of social media's characteristics and dissemination rules. Although "where the object" of the originator, far-mountain advertising partner Chu Xingyu denied the use of the network pushing hands, but looking back, its control of the transmission of the thread is still clearly visible: "Where the object" first landed Tianya map zone, and was "artificially top." A few days later the post in watercress, Sina Weibo, such as SNS community began to spread large areas.  "Where the object" the source of the dissemination of the basic is a large number of fans of the "seed" users, and set up a dedicated homepage, and even behind the marketing concept has a systematic introduction, these have obvious operating traces. It is noteworthy that, "where the object" is not simply directly to push the brand and products, but to publicize a unique personality and style, this style and where the customer-prudential products Target customers group-"The" and "the" after the personality characteristics of the same.  For social media marketing, only by putting all the attention on the consumer, understanding the needs of consumers, and familiarizing themselves with their language and expressions, can they truly interact with them. Social media sites are like bars, private clubs and cocktail parties, says Scott. Marketers should also think carefully, like a woman, before going to a bar or cocktail party, be sure to have the right makeup, costumes and mood.
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