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With the rapid development and popularization of the Internet, People's daily life from the network more and more close. Many consumers tend to learn the information they need through the network, through the forum to view their favorite products (enterprises) in the user's feedback information, through the Forum to communicate and communicate with users to determine whether they buy this product, How to make full use of the advantages of the Internet to promote products and services is placed in front of each enterprise the most important problem.

Forum is the emergence of the Internet in the form of the existence, after many years of baptism, the forum as a network platform, not only did not disappear, but more and more glow its enormous vitality. Using the Forum's super high man gas, can effectively provide marketing communications services to enterprises. And because of the openness of Forum topic, almost all marketing appeals of enterprises can be effectively realized through forum communication.

Forum Marketing is the most important use of the Forum wide Netizen Resources, forum marketing with less investment, short cycle, quick return of the characteristics, often successful forum marketing to enterprises to bring huge profits return. Forum marketing is relatively simple to operate, with the development of Science and Technology Forum marketing forms also gradually diversified, which for many enterprises, products, services, individuals to provide a good marketing communication platform. Here is a detailed discussion of the entire operation of the forum marketing process:

The development of forum Marketing

Forum marketing along with the emergence of the forum and gradually rise and development, forum marketing has gradually become an integral part of network marketing. Along with the development of the Internet, the service website related to the network marketing promotion also began to rise. At present, the more famous website has Granville Guest, hand over the net.

Hand in the Forum marketing on the one hand is relatively perfect, to provide soft writing and the promotion of soft article two major services. Together with the network gathered a large number of professional network writers and network hands, for enterprises, products to provide packaging and promotion. Together with the network of Community marketing to achieve the system automatic audit function, from the technical means to further improve the quality of network promotion, to bring real returns to the business.

Positioning of marketing direction

The positioning of the so-called marketing direction means that you want to promote the enterprise or products belong to which category, it is well-known that the forum has two main types of all-inclusive is a comprehensive forum another class is a deep and refined professional forum, each forum has its development direction and positioning, Even if it is a comprehensive forum for horizontal development It also has its key sections. Grasp the forum's main user groups and their promotional products and services combined to study your information in this forum posted there is no value, or said there is no return.

For example, you do a cosmetics marketing promotion, and in a mechanical forum to publish information, then the return will be very small, but can not say no, because the network is ubiquitous, the needs of netizens and the level of diversity, not necessarily engaged in mechanical design does not need beauty. However, in order to achieve the best results of our marketing to obtain the best return, or to locate their own marketing direction, to find a forum for information delivery.

Establishment of Forum Database

Positioning the marketing direction of their own to choose the Forum to publish information, forum database is the foundation of the Forum Marketing and premise, the quality of database establishment directly related to the success of the Forum marketing. If you do professional forum promotion, you can not say register a forum to send a post, on the one hand, this will reduce the efficiency of the work, on the other hand, many forums to prevent irrigation, advertising, forum registration and posting set a number of restrictions, such as registration time less than 1 hours, 2 hours or 24 hours Registered users have less than 100 points accumulated no post, registration must be verified by email and so on.

So it's necessary to build a forum database, in general, the Forum in the database used by the user name, password and register the use of the mailbox need to be consistent, this is also to facilitate the later marketing and promotion, the Forum data required information including the name of the Forum, Forum address, Forum classification, the Forum's core list, Forum's Active index (that is, said forum Star), the information are sorted together after the marketing promotion of the time to go smoothly.

Forum Marketing Soft Text

At present, the most important way of forum marketing is marketing soft text promotion. As the name suggests, it is relative to hard advertising, the use of aesthetic language to visualize products, stimulate the interest of readers, and then produce the desire to consume. The purpose of soft writing is to make the product and image of the enterprise through beautiful text to carry out packaging to achieve the effect of publicity. The highest state of soft writing is uninformative, but there is something.

Soft Wen has become an enterprise or product marketing promotion in a very practical way, through marketing soft text can achieve the effect of advertising and improve corporate visibility and reputation of the purpose. The hard effect of soft paper is to be able to sell goods, that is, through the soft text of the enterprise's products and services sold out. A lot of knowledge about the soft article is also very complex, here is simply mention.

Write the soft text first to select the Cut-in point, that is, how to promote the needs of the product, service or brand information perfect embedded in the article content. Second, the design of the article structure, grasp the overall direction, control the trend of the article, select a strong impact of the title. Also to improve the overall text, according to the framework of rich content, to polish the specific content. Finally, we must communicate and improve.

Forum Soft Article Promotion

On the Forum soft text promotion is the key to success or failure of the forum marketing, with the forum data, there is a marketing software, then how will this information spread out? We should remember a little, and then beautiful soft text is also advertising. With the development of the marketing field, people's immunity to soft article is also more and more strong, the Forum management personnel to the soft advertisement judgment ability also more and more high, the punishment strength is also more and more big, then the question which in front of each forum marketing personnel is how to publish the information.

Most of the forums will have "irrigation area", "talk" such as the plate, if you can not find the information and the release of their own completely consistent with the plate so that you publish in such a forum, and if you are more content advertising and this forum does not have "ad column" words also suggest you publish in such a forum, Increase the probability of survival of posts. Of course, if the Forum has "ad column", for too strong advertising soft text or suggest you publish to the advertising area.

In addition, many people do not want to promote when the small forum, Local forum post, is not. Forums are made up of netizens, and netizens have great interoperability. Local forum users are also very likely to become your potential customers, do not miss a chance to promote the network to promote the success of the key. At the same time, local forums, small forums are generally less restrictive, such as the Qingzhou dating community such a forum will not delete your posts.

After the soft text is released, also need to learn to use these soft wen, if this forum active degree also can you can go to register several account number, then in your post reply, you each reply once your this post will be turned to this forum article list first, replies also must pay attention to the skill, You can be bold enough to strongly disagree with the content of the post you published, to attract netizens eyes. This is what the forum shooter is talking about.

In addition, for the soft text or advertising you can also in those more popular posts to post in the form of a post, but the chances of survival of such a reply is generally small. For the use of soft text marketing should be staged in stages, in the entire promotional cycle according to different periods of time to arrange different soft wen, soft text advertising should also focus on, in general, advertising more and more strong.

Forum Marketing Mix Strategy

Forum Marketing Mix Strategy has two meanings: on the one hand, through to the consumer group often visits the portal, the community and the website, carries on the scientific combination, the sentiment, the Flow Division primary and the batch in the promotion choice combination, causes the promotion to achieve the best effect. On the other hand, it means that forum marketing should be combined with other marketing methods to catch potential users through forum marketing, get their information as much as possible, and then communicate with them directly or indirectly through other marketing methods, and finally achieve their own marketing objectives. For example, you posted a message that someone to your post, but did not express their clear intention, so you have to look for each other's information and then through QQ, MSN, mail to these users marketing.

Secondly, the development of forum activities is also an important part of the Forum marketing mix Strategy. For this demand is relatively high, the need for Forum official cooperation, of course, through the forum activities to carry out marketing to promote the effect is hundred cent. Forum activities can be very good to mobilize the enthusiasm of netizens, even if you do is a purely commercial advertising can also make users very good participation in, improve interactivity. At the same time, the forum online marketing and online marketing to promote the combination of holding seminars, job fairs and so on can promote marketing promotion.

Maintenance of Forum account information

You are not registered as a member of this forum is not to say that after the advertisement will never come again, this will cause great waste of voluntary. You have to maintain your forum account regularly, in addition to advertising to be as far as possible to the forum active, into the forum of the core members or if possible to apply to become the forum of the owner, into the enemy's internal, win can be easily, so for your forum to promote is more convenient, because you can boldly post, You can add to the top of their posts and other operations. But to do this is more difficult, in addition to active in the forum you can also communicate with other members of the Forum, to join the forum's official QQ group, strengthen exchanges and cooperation.

It is important to note that for your registered forum account must improve their personal information, such as age, nickname, Personality portrait, personality signature and so on. Because the perfect personal information makes people feel intimate, forum management will feel that you are a loyal member, even if the occasional release of a soft ad will tolerate you. At the same time in the personality signature you can simply publish your product or enterprise information in a short text, this can be guaranteed will not be deleted, but also a good way to publish ads. It is worth mentioning that you can put your own website or forum URL in the personalized signature inside, so the search engine in this forum or you send this post will be the way to your personality signature URL search, for your site SEO optimization has a very good help.

Other Forum Marketing methods

In addition to the use of soft text for forum marketing, forum Marketing There are many other ways. For example, the launching of forum activities mentioned just now is one of them, but most of these methods require the cooperation of the official forum or the payment. can buy a forum ad bit, the forum's advertising bit relative to the site to be cheaper, but the effect is not necessarily bad. Can be the cooperation of their own soft paper to the top, highlighting. You can also exchange links with this forum, so that the promotion of the site and SEO optimization has a very good effect.

In addition to manual operation there are some forum marketing tools, such as forum automatic posting machine, forum hanging software, etc., but due to the continuous upgrading of the forum system and improve the effectiveness of these tools are not very good, interested can be used.

Forum marketing Key in planning, success or failure in the promotion. Do a good job in the promotion process of each step, the organic combination of various ways you will get unexpected results.

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