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Keywords Blogs don't some articles harvest

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If you haven't started blogging yet, start writing

write something you love

If you want to seriously write a blog, then buy a separate domain name

Make sure your domain name is the same as your blog name

with a simple and easy to remember name

Use Wordpress

Use Wordpress plugin

Write a blog must stick to go

updates at least 5 articles per week

proofread your article for errors

proofreading more than once

and other bloggers interact with each other, exchanging links

a meaningful response to other blogs

to someone else's blog, you can't say something interesting.

often the first to leave a message

often back up your blog

Sidebar is best not to use calendar

wisely Choose the font, not too big, not too small

participates in the online blog activity

a link to your website on your signature

use of Community network bookmarks

content is king

Spec your template

use trackbacks

The simpler the
the better (content and theme)

Add Community network bookmarks appropriately in the article

Join a blog receptacle (not much in China)

show the "Top 10" list and tell the reader your good article directly

add tags to each article

uses pings function

write some "how to ..." Article

allows readers to search your blog content

Use the catalogue to show your blog

questions to your readers

use FeedBurner (Feedsky can also be used at home)

try to write the article humorous some

be magnanimous

encourage readers to subscribe to your blog

When you can't update your blog in the next few days because you're on a business trip, it's best to prepare a few articles in advance so they can automatically release

encourage your readers to digg your article

put an RSS feed icon in each article

Write a "series of articles"

reply to someone else's message

reply to others ' links

Use readable fonts

collects backlinks from Edu and Gov

the long article

try different profit models

write some valuable articles that embody your abilities

uses Google Analytics

Analyze Google Analytics data

Use mail exchange


avoid copying other people's articles

uses an RSS reader

read as many other people's blogs as possible

Reading wonderful articles

write a page about me

put a picture of you in the "About Me" page

to build a separate "advertising" page

appropriate use of keywords

Learn basic SEO knowledge

use pictures as much as possible in the article

Create value for your readers

reasonable placement of advertising

become patient.

find some bloggers with common interests

always show your article in the catalogue

share things that are useful to you

tell other people what's useless to you

Read Problogger.net's article (domestic tntbbs.com)

don't put too many icons to make your sidebar look cluttered

don't place too long links

try Google Adsense

tries soft text advertisement

as many links as possible to other people's blogs

makes it easier for readers to contact you

use valid article title

provides mail subscriptions

often answers other people's Questions

often answer other people's replies

Use Technorati

Add subscription follow-up comment support

provides useful tools or resources

Blog in a personal tone (not to mention politics)

become an expert in the area you are interested in

don't expect "linking posts"

often publish your opinion

Use simple color

participates in the blog activity

to get to know other bloggers

will list your best articles

article to be persuasive

rationally Organize your classification

talk directly to your readers

use a reasonably valid URL address

Place Functional Links
at the bottom of the blog

refers to your reference materials and articles in the article

do a monthly article aggregation

consider adding podcasts

wrote a "101-series article"

Translator: I think should add two points, one is to the full text output, this is very important, the second is to pay attention to some of the blog details, such as subscription icon, RSS icon and so on.
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