Real Estate personage discloses: Big and medium-sized cities high-end project profit is lovely

BEIJING, May 31, Xinhua (reporter Xiayi) in the housing market focus is still concentrated in the small and medium-sized residential housing sales, rigid demand, the recent domestic many cities quietly appeared in the home warmer, large-selling situation.  The signs show that the high-end property in Hangzhou, and even the holiday-type property began to be favored, its property market into the rising channel. Nowadays the market is, even if you want to buy more than 5 million Yuan mansion, also want to sighted, because the queue to rob a mansion is not what news.  Mansion to sell such a market, enough to make the national property market in Hangzhou. Hangzhou staged "...

The river sold in the copper set is now over billion 40 million overweight Yanzhou coal industry


According to the Hong Kong SEHK, JPMorgan Chase & Co. ) on May 25, the average price per share of $2.09 (HK $) was reduced by 24.614 million shares of CSCL (02866-HK), with a capital investment of 51.4433 million yuan, reducing the proportion of good positions from 7.06% to 6.41%. At the same time also by the reduction of 00358-HK also Jiangxi Copper Industry (a), its average price of 11.87 yuan per share, reduced 4.593 million shares, involving 54.5189 million yuan, will be good warehouse shareholding ratio ...

Media focus on the development of Hangzhou metropolitan Economic Circle

BEIJING, May 31, Xinhua (reporter Wang Enmin intern Zeng) this afternoon, "' Turn the crisis for the machine across the development------focus on Hangzhou metropolitan Economic Circle ' large-scale joint interview," officially launched in Hangzhou.  A group of reporters, including the central and foreign media, from Hangzhou, Jiaxing, Huzhou, Shaoxing four newspapers, radio and television, network, and other media-wide press interview team, will be in the next week, through the visit records, report how the Metropolitan economic Circle calm response to the crisis, to achieve leapfrog development. According to the introduction, Hangzhou Metropolitan Economic circle has been following "the growth of Zhejiang economic Pole, the National city ..."

Period of 17862 liters 586 points

China Asset Management Co., Ltd. the first part of the afternoon to increase the sharp to 18075 after the trial to undertake, respectively, see Low to 17683/17686, Shou 17650 and then Rose 17895, closing 17862, + 586 points, than the spot low water 24 points, sold 71075.

The internationalization of the renminbi Hu Yi will be reassigned

The change of the central bank's personnel changes in Rmb Hu Yi will shift journalist Tri Ye intern Zhe, deputy governor of the central bank, Yi Gang will serve as the director of the National Foreign Administration, the current Director of Foreign affairs, Hu Xiaolian, will step down as director of the Central bank, and will be in charge of the central bank's monetary policy division and the proposed monetary policy division. According to the report, the Central bank this year May this intention, and the personnel appointment plan to the State Council.  The appointment has been approved and is expected to be announced in the near future. With the advance of RMB settlement of cross-border trade, RMB internationalization process has accelerated ...

There's no end to Copenhagen, only a comma left.

The UN weather conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, drew attention to the environment-friendly cultural works of art in the bustling city of Copenhagen, with sculptures, pictures and slogans that reflect social and environmental issues that have attracted a lot of people and people from all over the world to stop and watch. The Chanxingqiang photo of the new society is a symbolic sculpture of the "melting Arctic" in the streets of Copenhagen. After a more than 10-day marathon negotiation, Chanxingqiang, a member of the countries attending the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, finally struck a chord, a document known as the "Copenhagen Accord" was broken.

Shi Yuzhu may wish to a scar education

Shi Yuzhu is back again.  A new "giant building" broke ground at the site of the giant's mansion, which was a desolate, waste-buying station. Looking at the newly-turned soil, and then looking at the old haunts of sadness, the business strongman will have mixed feelings.  Zhuhai, for the Shi Yuzhu, undoubtedly with the taste of Fate: 12 years ago, he started his fortune here, but ended up with a "poorest zhuhai citizens"; 12 years later, he can finally take the money elsewhere earned, back to heal the pain. Some people may say, Shi Yuzhu this kind of behavior is a bit "self abuse" tendency. According to the general thinking ...

Zhejiang Fuyang to build Asia's largest take-off field will become a world-class gliding base

BEIJING, May 31, Xinhua (reporter Zhang Jie) colorful umbrella flowers in the Yong ' an mountain peak bloom, this beautiful picture has become a classic Fuyang sports and leisure scenes.  October 2009, Yong ' an mountain gliding base phase two project will be completed, gliding base will be expanded from 1332 square meters to 13320 square meters, the Take-off area will reach 12,000 square meters, completed will become Asia's largest Take-off gliding umbrella national team head coach Li Tie Min said, here will become a world-class gliding base. "The second phase of the project since April 16, has completed an area of 13320 square meters of earth ...

The index was pumped up to 17885 in the afternoon and 631 to 51 billion.

The Hang Seng index opened this morning, falling from 17,632 to 17,581 and repeated upwards, and in the afternoon, he opened 17,896 times to 17,734 liters, closing the day to 17,885, 631 or 3.66%, and the state-owned enterprise index rose 372 or 3.62%, at 10,  651, turnover of 51 billion yuan. Blue-chip, control (00005-HK) rose 4.4%, Mobile (00941-HK) rose 2.78%, the new Ground (00016-HK) rose 4.48%, Long Real (00001-HK) + 3.48% ...

China's Ministry of Commerce: cross-strait Economic and trade facilitation delegation to Taiwan

Xinhua Beijing, May 31, according to the National Ministry of Commerce website News, in order to jointly deal with the international financial crisis, and comprehensively strengthen cross-strait economic and trade exchanges and cooperation, the mainland has proposed including the expansion of the Taiwan product procurement measures, the cross-Strait Economic and Trade association at the invitation of the Taipei World Trade Center, will  To Taiwan to conduct market research and signing activities. The economic and trade Promotion Group is a cross-strait Economic and trade association and the mainland home appliances, electromechanical, light industry, textiles, food, livestock, minmetals and other associations of many companies organized by the cross-Strait Economic and trade association Li Shulin President, a total of more than ...

Three hot spots for home appliance with old exchange

Xinhua Beijing, July 14 (Remin, Li Fangfang) Recently, the Ministry of Finance and other seven ministries issued the "home appliances to replace the new implementation measures," the old home appliances to replace the new subsidy method, operating procedures and the implementation of the Organization and other content to make specific provisions. The rules were introduced and aroused heated debate in the community. Should there be no household registration limit for stimulating consumption? is the maximum subsidy limit of $400 low? Is there a "loophole" in the policy of applying for subsidy after the price is raised by the merchant?  On these three hot issues, the reporter interviewed the relevant government departments, experts, practitioners and consumers.  Is there a hukou limit? 《...

Developers end up in high price enclosure

According to the Shanghai Securities report even in the central government's continuous move to regulate the property market, many developers still dare to "crime against the Wind", in the last one months of this year continue to high prices in major cities enclosure. Although the government has made it clear that "developers take a down payment not less than 50%, the term of payment in principle not more than 1 years", but the Shanghai land market yesterday still ushered in another crazy deal day. Among them, newly listed in Hong Kong Longhu Real Estate under the joint group holding shareholder Ka Development Hong Kong Holdings Limited, with a total price of about 1.729 billion yuan, floor price of about 1.2 ...

Banks watch the real estate market control New Deal

⊙ reporter Zhou Peng peak 0 editor Chujiang five Ministries "further strengthen the land transfer revenue and expenditure management Notice" Further highlights the government's determination to control the property market, but the close relationship with the property market banks are now holding a quo posture. For "developers take a down payment not less than 50%, installment term in principle does not exceed 1 years" This property market New deal, the bank reaction seems more insipid. A joint-stock bank in charge of the relevant person in the interview even said that the policy has not yet been aware of the meaning. And a state-owned Bank of risk management people also said that the bank's real estate development loan is not ...

Gold mining hits $980 in 52-week highs

The weakness of the US and the continued market vision of a recovery from the bottom of the economy, the New York period rose nearly 2% in Friday to close to $980 to record a 3-month high. Related shares to recruit gold (01818.  HK) and Zijin (02899.HK) performance is best, especially the benefit of Shandong Gold industry revitalization planning of the former 52-week high, the highest see $13.5, now made $13.36, continued to rise 6.4%, the latter is also approaching 52-week high, is made $7.59, continued 8.3%. Ruijin (00246. HK) $7.18, a new high, now made $7.14, rose 4 ...

Chinese starch sales are up 4.69% in the afternoon

Chinese starch rose 4.69% in the afternoon of 1st to HK $0.67; The chairman of the company said that 1-May sales were more favourable than expected. China Starch (03838) June 1 high Concussion, the afternoon is up 4.69%, At HK $0.67, the media quoted the company chairman, Tian Qixiang, after attending the shareholder meeting, saying that as the Chinese economy emerged from the shadow, the road to recovery, the company 1-May production and sales have improved a lot compared to the end of 08, sales more than expected, especially in May, the yield of lysine and corn were significantly increased, so the annual results in 09 optimistic ...

Hopewell and industry rose 2.73% Nomura rating

Hopewell and Industrial (00054-HK) rose 2.73%, reported 24.50 Hong Kong dollars, deal 2.5187 million shares, the stock early disk basic synchronization big city, the index rose 2.77%. Nomura, which maintains its buying rating, also raised its target price from HK $29.50 to HK $31.30, before raising the expected value of net worth from HK $29.48 to HK $31.33, citing a recent pick-up in the property market in Hong Kong and the mainland, which the bank's real estate analysts continued to bullish. Although Hopewell is widely regarded as a defensive type because of its large net cash holdings ...

Citic Rally 2.77% Securities brokerage stock early trading sharp higher

The HSI Rose 2.77%, reported 18674.6, a deal of HK $53.389 billion; Hong Kong local brokerage stocks rose strongly in early trading, winning the big market, 00665-HK Securities (Wanguo) up 8.48%, 00218-hk 7.37%, First Shanghai (00227-HK)  Rose 8.04%, 00806-HK Group (7.58%). The rally in such stocks usually lags behind the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00388-HK), as the Hong Kong exchange failed to break the May 11 peak of 125.

Good afternoon suspension pending publication of transaction information

The favourable group shall suspend business in the afternoon pending the publication of a transaction to be disclosed. The unit was suspended before the 1.16 yuan, 4.51%, the transaction amount of 4.14 million yuan.

China moves up 2% merchants Hong Kong refers to sales growth trend

China's move follows a small rally this morning, with share prices rising 2.07% per cent to HK $4.44 a half and 7.685 million shares a deal. China Merchants Securities (Hong Kong) issued a report saying that downgraded the unit to neutral, but based on an estimate of 25.4% per cent of its sales revenue for the next three years, the target price of HK $4.37, equivalent to 19 times times PE or 0.75 times times peg (32% per cent higher than the industry average, and 14 lower than that of the Li Ning valuation level)  %), only slightly discount the market price. China Merchants Securities (Hong Kong) refers to the Chinese trend Q4 order orders increased to 21% year-on-year, ...

Taiwan shares rose 0.92% to nine-month high

After the long holiday, Taiwan's stock market was built today.  The weighted average index closed at 6954.1 points today, the nine-month highest closing level, rising 0.92% a day. Taiwan stocks were closed for the holidays in Thursday and five.

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