News: Wen Jiabao departs from Copenhagen

BEIJING, December 19 (Xinhua) Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao left the Danish capital in Copenhagen around 0:10 A.M. local time 19th, and will be back in Beijing after 8.5 hours of flight.

21 Health Care package documents to be introduced next month

Most of the documents have been drafted, waiting to be signed in batches to release the operation of health reform documents began to make a start, the National Development and Reform Commission officials said 27th, the NDRC is coordinating the relevant ministries, for the June to launch a package of health care.  And prior to various speculation, medical reform supporting documents were eventually locked to 21, respectively by the NDRC, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health and other ministries and departments of the drafting, the current majority of documents have been drafted, waiting for the sign, and then in batches. "There are now 3 supporting documents. "A local official who participated in the NDRC's training told reporters that there were two ...

Asia-Pacific review: Major stock indices rise

Affected by overnight U.S. stocks, Asia-Pacific stock market swept the early days of the decline, the various stock indexes rebounded strongly, of which Hong Kong stocks, the Australian stock market rose by more than 3%, Australian stocks more than a 7-month maximum one-day gain, a-share market also hit a new high. The Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3145.16 points, up 2.1%, and the exponentially closed 12991.06 points, up 2.61%.  Today in Shenzhen and Shanghai, a total of 280.7 billion yuan, magnified 50% than yesterday, a-share market close to 90% stocks rose, brokers, insurance, banks strong lead. The Hang Seng index rose 631 points and closed at 1788.

Developers do not bad money to help push house prices next year development credit increase will slow down

The 2010 real estate market regulation has become increasingly clear, although next year the government will accelerate the withdrawal of economic stimulus policy is difficult to guess, but industry experts generally believe that the tightening signal has been more obvious, next year, the bank will be the real estate development loans to the strict governance. Gao Shanwen Securities chief economist, in the 2010 Investment strategy report, "Sheng extremely difficult to follow" four words to describe the real estate market next year. He thought, the real estate industry's serious froth, has already brought the pressure to the government, but under the economic recovery, the massive capital returns to the real economy, the fund noodles also will give the house ...

Guangzhou state-owned enterprises: cancellation of administrative level exit inefficient investment

Xinhua Guangzhou, May 31 (reporter Huang) canton state-owned enterprises in the administrative level will be canceled, within three years, the return on net assets to the domestic industry average level of inefficient assets to take the initiative to withdraw from investment.  This is the reporter from 31st held Guangzhou deepen the reform and development of state-owned enterprises to learn from the conference. Guangzhou Municipal Party committee and Municipal government recently issued "on the further promotion of state-owned enterprises reform and development of the views", put forward to further promote the state-owned enterprise leadership management system reform, the implementation of state-owned enterprise leadership management, the abolition of state-owned enterprises in the administrative level and visual administrative level.

Guangzhou migrant workers pay 55 yuan for one year of health insurance can be reported to 295,000

Guangzhou 1.6 million migrant workers, with a "tailored" health care measures!  This morning, the city's labor and Security bureau director Tri Renquan released: August 1 onwards will be a substantial reduction of foreign workers medical Insurance payment, monthly payment of 55 yuan, a year maximum can be reimbursed 295,000 yuan, and enjoy general outpatient reimbursement treatment. Tri Renquan introduced that the current medical insurance policy in Guangzhou has put the non-city urban household registration practitioners into the scope of basic medical security, 1.6 million of foreign workers, the number of insured persons has reached 1.1 million. However, due to the age of migrant workers, good health, low per capita medical consumption and liquidity, is the practice of insurance policy ...

23 Chinese academics debate whether to reduce their holdings of US Treasuries 15 against

At the time of U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's visit to China, the debate over whether or not to reduce the holdings of US Treasuries was also enthusiastic, according to Global Times, published May 31. To this end, the Global Times May 30 interviewed 23 famous Chinese economic experts, 8 of whom supported a substantial reduction in U.S. Treasury debt, 15 opposed.  It shows that there are also many differences on the issue of new positioning of China-US economic relations. Global Times said, "Do you support China's substantial reduction of U.S. Treasuries", "Do you think that the U.S. Treasury bonds have made China take a lot of risk", "if China cuts ...

In the early afternoon, the 1-minute surge is now reported at 17708

China Asset Management Co., Ltd. the beginning of the afternoon of the first phase of the incident refers to the 1-minute upsurge, is reported 17708, yesterday, the point in two minutes from 17466 to 17050, this afternoon on the contrary in 14:32 minutes from 1 to 17673, the Hang Seng index did not catch up with the foot only 18075, Once again, when the twl to make "seconds kill", the period refers to the market volatility, and then quickly back to shun, now try to take back to 17683, see that the city in about 17650 have to undertake.

New Energy planning has formed a mature discussion draft

QI, deputy director of the National Energy Bureau, said in a press conference 1st at the State Council News office that the National Energy Agency was organizing research and development plans for new energy sources, which had been officially launched in April 2.  Over the past two months, energy has been widely heard by departments, local, business and experts and scholars of the views, it should be said that the initial formation of a more mature discussion draft. He thought that the planning of the introduction, but also to further in-depth research, according to the procedures to report to the National Development and Reform Commission, reported to the State Council, energy resources to want in the ripe time, the appropriate timing will be issued this plan.

The stock market is "demon" this year.

The special writer Ching uses a word of Shanghai dialect to describe this year's stock market, that is "demon".  The meaning of "demon" in Shanghai dialect is very rich, and one of the meanings is unexpected. The second half of the market is now less than 10 trading days, the Shanghai Composite index rushed 3,000 points, and each record a new high to bring the stock market plunge, and when everyone is scared to hand over the chips, the aggressive offensive again launched. In fact, this market situation in this year's market has become the normal, starting from the beginning of the 1849 point, every time after an integer off ...

Car with old replacement subsidy standard determined: maximum subsidy 6000 yuan

Xinhua Beijing, July 14, according to the Ministry of Commerce website News, in order to better implement the old trade subsidy policy, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce and other 10 ministries and departments issued the "car to replace the new implementation measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "method"), on the car to replace the new subsidy scope and standards, application process, subsidy funds audit,  Supervision and management and other aspects of the specific provisions. The scheme stipulates that, during the period from June 1, 2009 to May 31, 2010, old and medium rental vehicles with less than 8 years of age are scrapped and used in the 12 old medium and light trucks.

Wu The old professor revealed that 65 years ago a pipeline had crossed the Sino-Burmese

Map: China-Burma pipeline planning line.  Data pictures China-Burma crude oil pipeline is expected to be opened next year, Wu 94-year-old Professor Goshi disclosed that 65 years ago a pipeline had crossed 100,000 tons of "black blood" into the anti-japanese battlefield in 1942, the Japanese landed in Burma, the only international transport artery during the anti-Japanese War-------- In the second half of 1944, the two sides decided to shop a long-distance tubing, from India through Burma to China, the U.S. side of the money, China's efforts.  When he was 29 years old, he became a survey recorder for the project. The measuring team supplies all the necessities ...

Hot Market Switch to Theme

The author of the Galactic Securities Shanghai headquarters in Chengde recently, the Shanghai and Shenzhen market, although in the Friday again high innovation, but by a variety of factors affecting the shock obviously intensified. By the Chinese construction of the IPO dragged down, the market group of blue-chip groups appear to adjust, and the subject stock has successfully received the rise "baton" the recent market trends by macroeconomic policies and stock market policy has a great impact: the cause of the Tuesday shock is the central bank through the open market to withdraw more than billions of Thursday early release of June completely unexpected bank credit data and then stimulate the market again ...

New Pudong personnel Adjustment settled Xu Lin successor party district secretary

The picture is Xu Lin, secretary of Shanghai Pudong New Area district. (Photo source: Sina Finance and Economics Yuanping) Hu Haiyun Shanghai Pudong New Area "Expansion", the high-profile adjustment of the high level of personnel today, the Chinese Communist Party of Shanghai Pudong new district Secretary Xu Lin was appointed secretary of the Pudong New Area district Committee, just as deputy mayor of Pudong New area one months, the former deputy Secretary-General  Nanhui Party District former secretary Dai Haibo, such as Pudong New Area District Party district Deputy Secretary. Yesterday, the Pudong new District party and government officials responsible for the meeting, the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Organization of the Department of Public read out the newly Pudong district Committee of the group members.

New technology has more than 50% debt-financed

The new technology stock price this morning significantly, by the hair up to 200 million yuan convertible bond news driven, the highest price made 0.229 yuan, Rose 50.66%, the latest reported 0.196 yuan, higher 28.95%, turnover 43.23 million yuan. The new technology announced that the issue of convertible bonds with a maximum of $200 million per 3-year coupon is expected to be a net amount of $197 million, which will be used to redeem existing outstanding convertible bonds and outstanding debts, as well as for the general operating capital and future business and investment opportunities of the company. The exchange price of the exchange rate is 0.1 yuan, compared to the first 0.152 ...

China's policy on buying Chinese goods

China's nine ministries have issued a clear "buy Chinese" policy as part of an economic stimulus package, according to the FT's June 17 signed article. The policy stipulates that, in addition to the statutory circumstances in which the procurement of works, goods or services is not to be taken in China or where reasonable commercial conditions are not available, government procurement should be limited to domestic products or services.  The Chinese government's move will exacerbate tensions with its trading partners and increase the likelihood of a rise in protectionism around the world, the article said. The article also quotes some of the world's leading economists on the matter ...

World Bank increases China's GDP growth to 7.2% this year

The World Bank expects GDP to increase by 7.2% this year. Click here to view all financial news pictures yesterday, the World Bank released its latest issue of China's economic Quarterly, raising its 2009 GDP growth forecast to 7.2%.  The agency stressed that China will still have impressive economic growth this year and next, but it is premature to say that the economy is beginning to recover sustainably. Short-term Neinian back to 10% high growth The bank reports that government-influenced investments will strongly support 2009-year growth. It is estimated that in the 7.2% growth rate, about 6% of the growth comes from political ...

Small loan company to be positive for two years

Every reporter Wang Chunxia intern Zhang from Beijing Microfinance Company is finally expected to obtain the long-awaited banking licence.  Yesterday, the CBRC issued the "Small loan company restructuring the establishment of village and township banks Interim provisions" (hereinafter referred to as "interim provisions"), clearly meet certain conditions of micro-loan companies can be restructured into village banks. "Interim provisions" proposed that the proposed restructuring of microfinance companies must meet the "new establishment after 3 years of business and more" this condition. The so-called "new establishment" means that last May, the People's Bank and the CBRC jointly issued the "micro-loan company pilot Guidance" ...

Environmental groups express disappointment over Copenhagen Accord

A number of environmental groups and industry associations are dissatisfied with the deal, thinking that only a non-binding statement is far from enough, and not enough to provide a clear signal to the world. Huangshan Li Hujun Zhang Ridanchao from Copenhagen for the United States, China, India, South Africa and Brazil, the five countries reached the Copenhagen Accord, December 19,  Many environmental groups expressed disappointment in the first time. "There is no justice, no ambition, no legal binding, and the leaders of the world are negligent in the issue of weather change." "Greenpeace global Director-General Koomey ...

The reform of water price hearing in the world is being steadily practiced

According to the Chinese voice of the "Yang News" 10:19 report, since December, the country has held hearings to adjust the price of water, December 31 Fuzhou water price adjustment hearings will be held. Beijing and other cities to adjust the price of water prices are not more than 0.50 yuan today (18th), Jinan will hold a hearing on the adjustment of urban residents ' living water prices, the water price adjustment only to the sewage treatment fee increase, From 0.70 yuan per cubic metre adjusted to 0.90 yuan, the basic water price and water resources fee does not adjust, after adjustment city residents living water to household water price by 2.95 yuan/cubic ...

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