Jinan water price Hearing and ending 19 delegates agreed to raise

Jinan water price adjustment hearing fell, 24 delegates in turn issued the relevant views, of which 19 people agreed and understand the water price adjustment, the other 5 of the 2 university students and 1 CPPCC members clearly objected, the other two people expressed a reprieve or save their opinions. At today's hearing, a total of 24 people from consumers, the government, the CPPCC, the NPC and the relevant stakeholders spoke in turn, one of the original 25 delegates was not present, and two delegates were commissioned to speak. Of the 24, 19 representatives expressed their support for water price increase, two university students ...

French Prime minister visits Huawei to Pave nuclear field

China News agency Paris Ten mid-spring 19th electricity French Prime Minister Francois Fillon will be in ten mid-spring two Ching to 22nd to launch a three-day visit. France hopes this visit, while "speeding up the pace of relations between France and China", also looks forward to further cooperation with the Chinese economy.  In particular, cooperation between the two countries in the field of nuclear power has aroused the concern of French public opinion.  Agence France-Presse reported that Fillon's visit to China, on the one hand, for the warming of relations between the efforts, on the other hand, French President Nicolas Sarkozy next year after the opening of the Shanghai World Expo to visit China to do preliminary preparation. Agence France-Presse and the French economic class newspaper, "Echo" said that Fillon's visit to China ...

Premier Wen Jiabao leaves for home in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, December 18 (Xinhua) China's premier, Wen Jiabao, 18th returned from the meeting of the leaders of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in the Danish capital, Copenhagen. After his arrival in Copenhagen on 16th, Premier Wen Jiabao met with Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, U.S. President Barack Obama and U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and other national and international leaders, calling on the parties to be realistic, demonstrate political will, take care of each other's concerns  Seek an effective way to advance the negotiating process. 18th, Premier Wen Jiabao attends the day of Copenhagen ...

China's second largest financial bubble in the world

Information Times December 20 News Times Comprehensive report of the United States magazine Forbes recently selected the world's seven imminent financial bubble, said gold, real estate, stock markets, bonds and other investors focus on the investment also has a latent bubble.  Among them, China's real estate market ranked second in this ranking. The three bubbles make them miserable when investors look back on what has been the most hurt for them over the past decade: Internet stocks, real estate and financial services, Forbes said. These three categories breed huge bubbles and ultimately become the initiator of the financial crisis. ...

Hushuli large speech only 11 minutes by the magazine man turned to academic man

From the magazine to the Academic People transformation Hushuli new speech only 11 minutes "engaged in education is a new life experience", the famous news person Hu Shuli yesterday officially to Zhongshan University, the Securities industry "China's most dangerous woman" will be in charge of the School of Communication and Design, the Institute of Media and Research and teaching. Dark gray jacket, with a blue scarf, I do not know whether intentionally or unintentionally, Hu Shuli's big trip as its dress, simple low-key, no noise. Yesterday 3:30 P.M., Hu Shuli attended the school "digital media production of the News Center" in the small auditorium of the School of Communication and design.

Hong Kong shares rose 4% in the afternoon after an increase to over 600 points

The afternoon increase of the mainland a-shares to more than 3% per cent led to a further expansion of Hong Kong equities to more than 600 in the afternoon, at 18,822 points, 651 points, an increase of 3.58%, and an increase in the state-owned enterprises index to more than 4.74%, now reported at 10922.42, approaching 11,000 points. Mobile (00941) and Exchange Control (00005) the afternoon rally was further expanded, with $78.7 and $70.4, with an increase of nearly 4% and 3%.

Wen leaves Copenhagen for home

International Online Report: Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao left Copenhagen 18th after attending a meeting of the leaders of the climate change conference in Copenhagen. Wen Jiabao arrived in Copenhagen on 16th at the invitation of Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen. During the Copenhagen period, Wen Jiabao met with more than 10 national leaders and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on climate change issues, and made an important speech at the meeting of the leaders of the climate change Conference, which gave a comprehensive exposition of the Chinese Government's attitude, ideas and initiatives in tackling the problem of weather change.

Wen ends Copenhagen trip back to Beijing

The People's Daily December 20, Premier Wen Jiabao, attended the meeting of leaders of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in Denmark, arrived in Beijing on December 19 afternoon. Premier Wen Jiabao's main accompanying staff arrived in Beijing.

Bank of East Asia rises 5.88%CIMB downgrade to Neutral

The Bank of East Asia (00023-HK) rose 5.88% in half a day, to HK $27, a deal of HK $164 million, which continued to be strong in recent trading days and broke through the early stage of the consolidation platform;  But CIMB downgraded the stock to neutral by winning the big city, the bank's share price has been reflected in advance, but it has raised its target price from HK $18.70 to HK $23.20 (though still below current) on a higher-than-earnings ratio, adding that East Asia is the best performing in the CIMB-tracked Hong Kong bank stocks. The bank said that the East Asian ...

Housing Construction Department Work conference pays close attention to high price

The work conference of the Ministry of Housing construction pays close attention to the high housing price public housing construction first put on the agenda ⊙ reporter Yu Xiangming 0 editor Chujiang yesterday, the attention of the national Housing and urban and rural construction will be held in Beijing as scheduled. Weixin, Minister of Housing construction, said that next year will continue large-scale development of affordable housing construction, plans to build 1.8 million low-cost apartments and 1.3 million housing.  The reporter was informed that the work will also be the first mention of public rental housing, in order to enrich the affordable housing system. "For the general concern of the Community on the issue of excessive price rise, Jiang Minister repeatedly mentioned, the main statement and the State Council meeting content phase ...

Shanghai Residence Transfers rules released property market unmoved

In the Shanghai property market gradually warmer background, residence permit settled in the details of the policy will have any impact on the property market? Is it possible to buy a house? After the analysis of the industry yesterday, the details of the issue, may enhance the confidence and expectations of some foreign people settled in Shanghai, in the long run, may attract some foreign provinces and cities to buy a house elite people.  However, the industry also pointed out that the policy in the short term can not directly promote the property market transactions, the impact on house prices are limited. Yesterday is the residence permit to the introduction of the policy details of the first day, the reporter from some intermediary companies and new sales office to understand that the market reaction ...

Copenhagen closes after reaching resonance

Xinhua news conference in Copenhagen 19th in response to weather changes to reach a sympathetic chord, at about 3:30 P.M. local time closed.

Chen Deming: At present, grain production needs to be basically balanced with a slight surplus situation

People's Daily Beijing March 7 (the People's Front report group) 16:30 P.M., the ninth session of the National People's Congress held a press conference.  The Minister of Commerce, Chen Deming, was present and asked the journalist about promoting consumption and foreign trade.  Bloomberg News Reporter: Will China's government departments reduce inflation by controlling the prices of rice and oilseeds and by reducing import tariffs on food? Chen Deming said that China's problem of grain and rice and oil, of course, now has a certain inflationary pressure, we need to follow the rules of market economy and government regulation of the means to put these pressure ...

Shusong: Anti-urbanization of real estate Road

December 18 Evening News Shusong, deputy director of the Financial Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council, said at the annual meeting of Caijing, the current real estate road is anti-urbanization, high prices to take the land, housing prices are low, so that the new people can not stay in the city.  Shusong pointed out that this year's activity is concentrated in the real estate market, land prices rise, the bank reassured the local government, but this easily lead to systemic risk. He cites a recent Forbes survey that says 7 of the world's most cautious bubbles are gold and the second is China's real estate. (Ding from Beijing)

Hushuli in position.

Hu Shuli has a discussion with her classmates.  Journalist Chu Weirong intern Lu Yishing officially assumed the presidency of the School of Communication and design, Sun Yat-sen University four years call me "Shuli". Engaging in education is a new experience for me, full of challenges, and education is generations, so I feel that everyone gave me the responsibility is very heavy, I am actually on thin ice, abyss.  In the past I have not been a dean, now everyone calls me, I am very excited, but everyone call me anything, call me a "Shuli" can be. I have a Web page, is our former "financial" team bo ...

Ren Zhiqiang: The first half of next year will continue the panic purchase trend

"Caijing" Annual Meeting 2010: Speculation and strategy-post-crisis times in Beijing December 18, SINA Finance Exclusive network portal to support the annual meeting.  Hua Yuan Group Chairman Ren Zhiqiang said at the annual meeting, the first half of next year panic housing trend will continue, if the land supply can not increase, the title of high housing prices will not be resolved. Ren Zhiqiang last year speculated that the first half of this year will be insufficient supply, will lead to panic in the second half of the purchase, "this trend in the first half of next year." He also said that the current center of the property market control measures tan more to the local government, the development of yesterday ...

Beijing focuses on 11 types of food safety

Beijing Food Safety Committee announced today, will start from now until mid-October to launch the National Day of Food Safety special remediation.  Vegetables and fruits, livestock and poultry products, such as 11 categories of food become the focus of treatment, to combat illegal addition of non-food substances and abuse of food additives behavior, is ranked in the first step in the regulation. According to the introduction, the rectification, law enforcement personnel will focus on vegetables and fruits, livestock and poultry products, rice flour and its products, cooked meat, aquatic products, soy products, alcoholic beverages, dairy products, children's food, health food, such as the 11 categories of food. The key areas of remediation include: important venues related to national day activities;

Credit scale dilution non-performing rate S & S cautious optimism 09 new loan quality

The 1.53 trillion data on new loans in June caused a variety of market worries.  July 13, S & P noted that bank credit growth of 7.5 trillion yuan in the first half may lead to higher credit risk and potentially undesirable trends in asset quality. "The average quality of new loans this year was weaker than in the same period last year," said Standard Poole.  Of the 1.53 trillion new loans that were added in June, the industry, agriculture, central and construction of the four banks accounted for 496.7 billion yuan, accounting for 32.02%, compared with more than 50% in the first quarter, meaning that small and medium-sized banks accelerated credit growth in 5-June. Liao Financial Analyst ...

U.S. futures rise 22 points

U.S. futures rose, the S & P 500 index futures rose 2.4 points, reported 898 points, NA refers to 100 period goods rose 2.5 points, reported 1,445 points, the Dow futures rose 22 points, reported 8,281 points.

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