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Cloveretl 3.1.2 Publish Data Transformation framework

Cloveretl is a Java based "> Data integration and Data Transformation framework." It is composed of individual nodes/components that are simple to operate (or complicate) the data. With data flow, any transformation can be defined as a set of interrelated nodes. Cloveretl can be used as a stand-alone application or embedded package. CLOVERETL supports most mainstream database systems, it is a ...

Large Data Transformation

Large data is now the information resources Management College of Renmin University of China Peng Big Data thinking and technology is pounding the line online under the various industries. However, the boom ultimately needs to confront the key issue of how to translate data into value. So far, the only large data-driven large-scale market, is the online advertising market. Online advertising provides two core values for the value of large data: One is the set of technology and product architecture for mining data business value, and the other is the corresponding business ecosystem and data trading logic. Therefore, those who are interested in working with large data related work are not ...

Cloveretl Designer 3.3.0-M1 Publishing Data Transformation Designer

Cloveretl Designer is a Data Transformation designer for CLOVERETL framework visualization. It uses the Cloveretl tool to create, edit, and deploy transformation diagrams. The design appliance has a ">eclipse plug-in form." Cloveretl definition Cloveretl is a Java-based data integration and number ...

Design of news cloud scheme based on Hadoop platform

The design of news cloud scheme based on Hadoop platform Shang Shiya Social progress can not be separated from the news, the dissemination and sharing of news is an important way to improve human quality? To improve the service level of news, adopt the advanced concept and advanced technology of cloud computing, design a news cloud prototype platform, provide service for news industry? This platform introduces Hadoop as the storage core of news data, uses hive database to solve Data transformation and lookup, and can complete the retrieval of massive data. The design of the program has been part of the test to achieve the design requirements? Based on the Hadoop platform ...

The large data opening day of the Asian Telecom: a probe into the large data transformation of operators

The large data transformation of telecom operators in the large data opening day of Asia and the Great Faith "Asia letter Big Data Open day advocate sharing, interactive, innovative, committed to build the enterprise's most outstanding data value sharing platform, for all kinds of players to provide stage" December the first phase of the gold: how to explore the value of large operators data? " Platform world: How does Big Data drive operator product changes? Open future: Talk about telecom operators ' data opening? "Meeting Time" December 5, 2014 (Friday) "Conference venue" F1-10 Conference room, Research and development headquarters

Large Data Transformation online recruitment, headhunting value

Since 2012 on the line just over 2 years to get 100 million U.S. dollars financing of today's headlines, through the data analysis different user's preference to news, and then to push the mode of the model news to almost angered the whole traditional media circle; the recently successful listing of Wanda Group was announced jointly with Baidu and Tencent in September this year to establish Wanda Electric Attempts to rely on Baidu, Tencent's underlying database and membership system advantages against the electric dealers Ali ... "Big Data" is playing an increasingly important role in the entire business world. The big data gained by the heat is a harbinger of a commercial war that will evolve into a data war. Who has got ...

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