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Tao Open again shocking speech: Internet addiction harm is fierce in "strong demolition"

In recent times, the community has repeatedly burst the "strong demolition" incident, triggering the attention of netizens.  It had nothing to do with the game, but it has recently been linked by a celebrity in the gaming world-a normal distinguished Professor Taohongkai, who is called the "addiction Fighter". Tao Development Blog Contact Internet Addiction Group November 15, 2010 9:56 A.M. 32 seconds Xu, Mr. Taohongkai on his Sina blog on the Forward "Beijing News" a "Taiyuan Strong demolition death continued: Officials to pay nearly million yuan settlement conditions" article. ...

Organizers confirm that Tokyo video game show will be on schedule or scaled down

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan this month have had a significant impact on the Japanese gaming world, with many activities and games being postponed or canceled, according to overseas media. Given the current situation, there are doubts about whether this year's Tokyo video game show can be held smoothly.  The news from the media is that the Tokyo video game show is not canceled plans, will be held as usual. The Japanese division of a game website overseas contacted the organizers of the Tokyo video games and was told: "At present, we do not consider to cancel or reduce the size of the exhibition," but this does not mean that the future plan will not change, but because of the current situation, the exhibition ...

Ubiquitous DNA before blizzard employees affect the entire gaming industry

On the March 29 news, we used a pair of monumental to analyze the impact Blizzard has had on the global gaming world in 20 years. This is the second part of this article, in the first section, see: 20 Ways Blizzard affects the world.  We put blizzard on the microscope and looked at the people and the things they had been through in the industry. It's hard to say a few words about the impact Blizzard has had on the entire gaming industry, but the huge picture below will give you a clear idea of how great the impact is! Come on, take a look, every game has at least one former Blizzard employee figure. ...

"Football Manager" development director awarded the British Empire Officer Medal

Milesjacobson, the developer of the Football Manager series Sportsinteractive, has recently been awarded the Officer of the British Empire as part of the New Year's Glory award.  Awarded the medal for his contribution to the computer Gaming world, Jacobson was honored for the New Year's Glory Award for Sportsinteractive as a pioneer in the development studio in the UK and as a great contribution to Gamesaid in the UK's charitable institutions. "Football Manager" series is the most popular operating analog video games in the past ten years ...

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