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ERP application in the apparel manufacturing industry-ERP must solve ten key problems)

solution for quick entry and Automatic Generation of clothing BOM The BOM of ERP in the apparel industry is a neural component. It must be on the same interface. By inputting information such as a bill consumption table and a color table, the BOM of multi-color and multi-size manufacturing will be generated automatically immediately, at the same time, the same variant Bom, the same color and code materia

Reading Notes on ERP starting from internal integration -- Chapter 1 garthner introduces the Information System of ERP 1.3 Manufacturing Industry

1.3Information System of Manufacturing Industry MRP IIIs an information management system for manufacturing,ERPIsMRP II.ERPIt is only an important part of the informatization construction of manufacturing enterprises, and is indispensable in the informatization construction of enterprises. But it is not omnipotent. It must be combined with other information tech

MES project import-import notes-discrete manufacturing enterprises import ERP

Discrete Manufacturing products are often composed of multiple parts that are finally assembled after a series of non-continuous processes. When imported into the ERP system, several problems should be paid attention. ERP development originated from discrete manufacturing Manufactu

Manufacturing enterprises have ERP, why do we need MES?

today, manufacturing companies face tight economic and competitive pressures: less profit, more tight delivery times, shorter production cycles, and more complex products. Most companies are already using ERP systems, they will think: I have used the ERP, why also need MES (manufacturing execution system)? `In fact,

Interpreting some basic principles of Manufacturing Informatization

Informatization combines information technology, automation technology, modern management technology and manufacturing technology to drive innovation in product design methods and tools, innovation in enterprise management models, and innovation in collaboration between enterprises, it realizes the informatization of product design and manufacturing and enterprise management, the intelligence of production

Reading Notes of ERP starting from internal integration -- Chapter 3rd using the concept of information integration to understand MRP to erp ii 3.3erp-Enterprise Resource Planning-3.3.4 ERP System Support Platform

Finance/Business Information Synchronization Cooperative Competition/Collaborative commerce Core Ideology Independent/Balance of supply and demand in priority plans Manage simulated accounting decisions Supply Chain Management/Agile Manufacturing/Lean ProductionConstraint Theory/Value Chain/Business Process Reengineering Promotion Agencies Apics Apics Gartner Group Inc. Gartner Group Inc.

Manufacturing Workshop-level management system (MES) and its typical structure

Manufacturing Workshop-level management system (MES) and its typical structure Chen Yu2004-7-16 Contribution The Manufacturing Execution Management System (MES) is the bond of Enterprise CIMS Information Integration, and is the basic technical means to implement enterprise agile manufacturing strategy and implement agile workshop

[ERP] core ERP management ideas

[ERP] core ERP management ideas The following content is excerpted from the Internet, which helps clarify the understanding of ERP: -- ERP is a management idea based on the "supply chain" and expands the management scope on the basis of mrp ii, integrating customer requirements with internal

Pulse manufacturing Network, creating a new era of "Internet + manufacturing"

with the rapid development of technology, the domestic manufacturing threshold has been reduced. variousCost ofRise, but also to promote globalManufacturingfromChina's outwardBigMigration,cause China's manufacturing industry to fall into excess capacitydilemma. in order to meet the severe challenges faced by Chinese traditional manufacturing industry, pulse

What is ERP? Measure the test taker's knowledge about the definition of ERP from multiple perspectives.

1.1 What is ERP? Definition ERP is defined in many books and articles, for example: One of the definitions of ERP ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning "Enterprise Resource Planning") can be defined at three levels: management ideas, software products, and management systems: I. Garter Group Inc, a famous American compute

Manufacturing Environment _ Manufacturing

Manufacturing environment 1. Order production (made to orders, MTO) is a kind of can make a variety of products, but only maintain a small amount of inventory of manufacturing methods, ordering production enterprises are mainly concerned about production planning and control; 2. Order assembly (Assembly to order, ATO) is a special case of ordering production; 3. Special production (Engineer to Order,eto)

Management Ideology and core functions of ERP System

the entire supply chain, mainly reflected in the following three aspects: 1. reflect the idea of managing the entire supply chain Resources In the era of knowledge economy, it is impossible to effectively participate in market competition only by the resources of your own enterprises, in order to effectively arrange the production, supply and marketing activities of enterprises, it is also necessary to include relevant parties, such as suppliers, manufa

Apparel ERP case: the ERP path of metus bonway

increased to 0.87 billion yuan. Metersbonwe has also transformed from a manufacturing company with several hundred employees in two factories into a "Virtual Enterprise" without a sewing machine, with only ERP systems, Brand Operations, and R D and design ", it has created a "virtual business" Model comparable to Nike. Link up the ERP platform of the indu

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Enterprise Resource Planning System

fact is that the basic equation of the manufacturing industry is widespread. As we all know, the basic function of MRP is to, according to the main production plan (A: Describe what to produce), the bill of materials (B: Describe what to use for production), the inventory record (C: description) generate the material demand plan (D: description of what should be obtained ). MRP simulates the so-called "basic manu

What is ERP?

A concept developed by Gartner Group that describes the next generation of manufacturing business systems and Manufacturing Resource Planning (mrp ii) software. It will contain the customer/service architecture, and use graphical user interfaces to create an open application system. In addition to the existing standard features, it also includes other features, such as quality, process operation management,

ERP summary series (ERP evolution)

ERP has been developing for a long time, from MRP, MRPII, ERP to ERPII, from ERP in the manufacturing industry to ERP systems in various industries, the Connotation and extension of the ERP system are constantly being developed an

How to become a master of ERP selection

In ancient Chinese martial arts, martial arts masters need both physical and mental repair, in order to achieve superior state. The physical and mental two repair refers to "inside practice one breath, outside practice bones skin". In the martial arts, the internal strength is the foundation, the exquisite martial arts is its expression form. In the process of cultivation, only the unity of heaven and man, mutual cooperation to play the greatest power of martial Arts. Enterprises in the selectio

Father of ERP process talking about the future of ERP software

more complicated is that sometimes the cost of implementation will become a runaway project. The question is whether you have an appropriate scope, appropriate expectations, and appropriate project management ." To eliminate the risk of implementing ERP software, he said his company had created custom templates for specific vertical industries to control implementation costs and software in one dollar, some projects are even charged at a fixed price.

Green | what do you know about smart production in the Chinese manufacturing industry?

system. ① Integration with ERP System Information transmitted by the ERP system to the MES system includes the production task, procurement (outsourcing) in transit, inventory information, and material distribution plan. Information transmitted by the MES system to the ERP system includes the production completion status, material re-production, material distrib

Reading Notes on ERP starting from internal integration -- Chapter 1 How garthner proposed 1.1 respect for history in ERP

1.1 respect history ERP: enterprise resources planning, enterprise resource planning.In April 12, 1990, Gartner Group published the question ERP: the next-generation mrp ii (ERP: A vision of the next-generation mrp ii. wylie's research report. This is the first ERP concept. This report mentions two integrations, tha

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