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Change of the circle storage model of PBOC/EMV

Reprinted please indicate the source Author: Pony For more information about the concept of deposit, see my other article (e-cash application ): Http://blog.csdn.net/pony_maggie/archive/2010/01/29/5270573.aspx The promotion of PBOC/EMV in China not only brings about the change of IC card, but also will inevitably lead to changes in the entire industry, including financial terminal products. this article describes the changes that PBOC/

TLV encoding and decoding of PBOC/EMV

Reprinted please indicate the source Author: Pony Most of PBOC's IC card data is in the TLV format. EMV manual describes simple encoding rules.I will analyze the TLV encoding format in detail and provide the corresponding pseudo code for TLV decoding. TLV is the abbreviation of tag, length, and value. A basic data element includes the above three fields. The tag uniquely identifies the data element, and length is the length of the Value Field.Value

Application creation list of PBOC/EMV

tag '4f 'can appear after '50. I used to think that the Order was fixed until the case of EMV L2 was upgraded in 2012.12.1. I added a case dedicated to test this, so that I could know that this order can be changed. this case is written as follows: Objective: To ensure that the terminal accepts a response to read record on A payment ststem directory file with data stored in an order different From example given in

Introduction to SDA and DDA in PBOC/EMV

PBOC/EMV has two very important concepts,SDA (static data authentication) and DDA (Dynamic Data authentication), respectively called Static data authentication and Dynamic Data authentication . These two certifications are certified offline (off-line) .  the principle of SDA implementation is digital signature . The process is as follows: The data in the IC card first sign, it is to use a hash to generate a short representation of the data as a summa

7 Ways of decline and fall of internet companies

Shi Yuzhu has summed up the traditional private enterprises "13 kinds of Death method", for example, is hidden in the dark competitors, using false accusations, lawsuits and other improper methods of "death", or by the competent department "kill", or by the law of the provisions of the monk. In fact, the Shi Yuzhu of the Chinese private enterprises operating environment cruelty, for Internet enterprises, is not a new topic, many entrepreneurial team also often the company's key factors in the

Summarize the reasons and solutions of the decline of the website keyword ranking

competitive keywords, others are working very hard to optimize this keyword, and you still only do some simple maintenance work, so often will lead to decline in keyword rankings. Solution: For this reason, the solution is very simple, that is, you have to pay more than the same efforts of competitors or greater efforts to optimize the keyword, so the keyword rankings will rise. Consider this job as a job to improve keyword rankings, not to maintain

The three main reasons for the rapid decline in the example website

In the site optimization to the webmaster hit the biggest is the site decline, and the second hit is to look at the site's collection of daily drops, more frightening is the site included a large reduction in the amount of a sudden. And the author unfortunately, also suffer from this situation. Comparatively speaking, the author's website collects the quantity to fall is has the reason, and also has found these reasons. Then for the site included in t

The reason for the decline of website rankings

relative comparison of similar sites, Alexa data has its own value. In the "Web site to increase the number of Alexa site rankings," the article analyzed the Alexa site ranked four reasons for the decline, which suggested that the ranking of similar sites to grow while their own site ranking decline in particular should be taken seriously, and that it is necessary to " According to the site operation of t

What is the reason for the continuous decline of the abnormal change of the website included?

SEO in the Web site to optimize the most people headache is what, not the site included a sudden reduction or sudden rise, but unexplained continuous reduction, because of the sudden rise or decrease, often because you have a wrong optimization method caused, generally nothing more than encounter Trojan attack, Black chain attacks and their own crazy hair outside the chain or not in accordance with the conventional card-type content optimization, such as keyword piling and so on, but if it is a

The reason for the 900-degree algorithm's maximum update ranking decline

Share with you about my three-month experience at the station. What I do is a paper station, Baidu on August 6, 2009 included, and then I do for my station adequate internal optimization and external links, God pays off, in September 8, my station has more than 20 keywords on the Baidu home page, just start not feel what cattle, Later, people do not believe that on the home page can be so many words, then I know that the original station is very strong. But the last day, in Baidu October 20 that

Lu: On the reasons and precautions of the decline of website rank

The recent period of time is always in the green Power Forum mixed, has long seen the Green Electricity Forum held the original essay activities, in fact, they have long wanted to write an article to enter the competition, but have never know what to write good. This article is so that every day to write the feeling that there is content to write, a period of time does not know what to write a good. See the activity is over soon, or hurriedly write an article. Recently a period of time Baidu ch

Grassroots Webmaster Analysis of the reasons for the sharp decline in keywords

China's largest search engine Baidu has recently adjusted, a number of site keyword rankings have dropped, my site in the adjustment of the keyword ranking also transferred to 100. Site keyword ranking decline in many reasons, in order to let the keyword ranking can be restored as soon as possible, I seriously analyze the reasons, and then share with you. First, the site server is unstable Because the site before the server has vulnerabilities, the

Analysis of the reasons for the decline of keywords in website optimization

As a website optimizer, keyword rise and fall directly related to our customers and Web site optimization of the site optimizer confidence, although the site optimization process, the keyword rise and fall is inevitable phenomenon, but, when the key words appear large-scale floating, on the one hand is the search engine has changed, On the other hand, the site itself appears to be a problem, the following, on the author of the optimization process in the keyword

Chinese New Year after the holiday site rankings decline feeling

is the original article on Baidu Spider influence. Second, stop the publication of external links SEO has two major points, one is the outside chain is an original, external links to the impact of Baidu Spider is also very obvious. As we all know, as time goes by, external links will be reduced, if there is no fresh, high-quality external links to complement, spiders from the outside access to the site is greatly reduced. Chinese New Year days all day bubble in ' boozing ', what external link

McDonald's same-store sales grew to the highest in six years, but why did the share price hit its biggest 4-month decline?

McDonald's has spent three years turning to profitability, but investors want more. January 30, McDonald's released Q4 earnings, although the United States and store sales reached the expected, but the share price hit the biggest decline in 4 months. Mike Halen, Bloomberg analyst, Maik Halen that McDonald's valuations are far higher than its rivals, and investors believe that McDonald's same-store sales should be far more than expected rather than fla

Look at Google search quality decline to talk about the search engine user experience

In the age of Internet information expansion, the advent of the search engine greatly saves the user's time and energy, so that users can quickly find the information and services they want, greatly reducing the information costs of netizens, realize the more efficient and convenient mutual search between people and information, but with the development and evolution of the search engine in recent years, The user experience of the search engine seems less optimistic. As the amount of information

According to the September 22, Baidu included a general decline in the reason analysis

Baidu statistics. We will take a look at Baidu statistics Baidu Index query results, see screenshots:    On the map is the site Baidu statistics Baidu Index query results, from the data, September 21-September 23, Baidu Index amount of horizontal line, Baidu Index volume results of 456. This shows that Baidu did not reduce the amount of the site, and we are accustomed to use webmaster tools to query the site's various data, these data are through a series of commands to query, such as

Three major reasons for the rapid decline in website indexing

Unfortunately, this is also the case. Relatively speaking, there are some reasons for the decrease in my website's indexing volume, and I have also found these reasons. The decrease in website indexing volume is not a precursor to downgrading. Sometimes it may be because the website has been revised, resulting in invalid links that have previously been indexed, the search leads to the deletion of tokens from the database. So what are the main reasons for the

) Rationally look at the decline of VC/MFC

capability is amazing, and Java also has a wealth of library support. Some small projects originally used VC to do it with them, savingA lot of development time. Microsoft's VC class library has been around for many years. Especially when it comes to Internet functions,Vc has been surpassed by many tools. In fact, the positioning of Microsoft products is more accurate and clear than the decline of VC/mfc.In the windows driver development field, where

The reasons and solutions for the decline of Alexa rankings in the website

alexa| Solution | ranking For most sites, when the site Alexa ranked the phenomenon of decline, the need to enhance the site Alexa ranking problem, in fact, is in the stable period of the site how to effectively promote the number of visits to re-enter the new round of growth problem. Although the Alexa site ranking system has a lot of unreasonable, but as the only global web site to do the ranking of the organization, Alexa ranking data is still seen

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