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Rowing against the tide, falling behind, is the grandfather's warning card. This is particularly remarkable for the optimization industry, where the rankings are highly competitive and the algorithm is updated at any time. Should be constantly summed up, try to break the webmaster, how many are still studying quietly, careful observation, a comprehensive summary. Sometimes, a little less complaining and indignation, perhaps the next shining point belongs to you, after all, successful always have prepared people.

Well, without saying much, go directly to today's topic. Outside the chain, for the entire industry is not unfamiliar. What is a chain? The chain refers to the links from other websites to their own websites. Digression: How many people have read the encyclopedia about the concept of the chain, how many people are one to know that the kind of knowledge of the state. Especially now outside the chain "difficult" industry, there is no high-quality outside the chain of resources, how to release the chain, classification information (forum, paste, video, business-to-business platform) outside the chain how to build and other issues, are the industry's most basic knowledge.


First, the new external chain of resources available?

Think about, there are many colleagues around the field of vision to stay in the list network, easy to log on the network, the People's network, Sina, such traditional resources. It is one of the most serious phenomena in our industry. Some people will ask a master or Baidu to find high-quality outside the chain of resources. In fact, peer competitors and well-known websites are your best teachers. Old domain command or new Baidu Webmaster platform outside the chain analysis are your good helper, the above diagram is the author of the analysis of well-known web site outside the chain release. In fact, the chain is no more than encyclopedia library category, question and Answer class, business-to-business platform, blog, classified information, forum bar, video, microblogging, such as light blog. By looking at well-known Web sites, we know which sites outside the chain how the hair can be included.

Second, how to layout high-quality outside the chain?

1, the release of the chain.

The title is needless to say, the title party is not obvious but it is best to have. Here to say is the link and content: to the best anchor chain, can not take the affirmation is the "keywords, website, content" format, where the site does not necessarily have to be the home page, the key word is not always that a few, widely, with its natural need to grasp. The content of the chain is also the content of the site, the plateau and interactivity are more important, but always copy their own website articles, may cause their original false original suspicion. You can Baidu, look for peer-site articles, in addition to brand word release. Well, his website turned into a collection that wasn't too evil.


2, the construction of the chain.

Keywords can be changed frequently, the link address can be their own site of each page, where a single page of the best link can not exceed 20% of the total link, the outside chain of each site can not exceed the total number of 20%. We already have the outside chain resources, also has the content which publishes, how constructs must notice these. Among them, video, encyclopedia, question and answer chain is actually very good to do. The image above is a recent edition of the Search Encyclopedia, the recent Baidu Encyclopedia review Strict.

In short, outside the chain, the chain is the most basic knowledge of our industry. As long as you want to rely on this skill to eat, you can not learn it with a smattering. Every webmaster can not do a frog in a well, try to break the ego, our industry prospects will be a bright future. Hefei Decoration Company,, guang ya decoration in admin5 starting, but also wish you a happy new year, I hope.

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