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Independent blog, a special way of existence of the website. Can record life intravenous drip, can also write technology to share, can be regarded as the place of leisure, can also be used to do network marketing, even become the companion of the station--"the blog Raises the station". Web site optimization process, how to the special form of the blog to optimize it? The following content into our today's topic: "Skillfully use the details of optimization to let independent blog rankings fly up."

One: Blog flow source Analysis

In the website optimization, the blog is a special example, can not rely on the search engine and easy to guide the generation of traffic. In the early days, blogs were often exchanged by portal blogs, until the current independent blogs were commenting on each other. As far as an SEO optimization blog is concerned, it is no exaggeration to say that at least 50% of the traffic comes from "interaction". Every day for 100 blog to each other to step on the message, most of the bloggers will be courtesy of the return visit, so one months down can accumulate 30000 of the blog source can return. You don't have to do a new blog comment anymore, just take a turn around, and the traffic will be objective every day. Like now some famous Bo, the most large flow from the once strong blogger every day return visit.

In addition, the other part of the flow of traffic from the keyword, as well as from the "brand" effect. such as binary often write articles, the blog every day People search "binary Network Marketing Blog" and generate traffic. Not to overlook the point, the blog is indeed forging personal or corporate brand powerful channels.

Second: Why the blog to optimize the details

As a blog, there is usually a common "update frequency is far less than other sites." Quick words may update a 2 article a day, slow or even a week to update a good one. However, generally focus on the flow and SEO optimization of the blog update frequency is maintained within 3 days to update, unless the rankings are not paid to say. This is why the base number of snapshots is much smaller than that of other categories of web sites. This blog should highlight the details of the optimization, in the limited blog to get more traffic. and all-inclusive as small and fine, is due to blog "small", not many people go to boring open blog to do garbage station. Therefore, the quality of the content will be relatively high, followed by the search engine to give the weight is generally slightly higher.

Third: How to optimize the blog details

How to increase the details of the site optimization, is to inject enough vitality to the blog, otherwise, even if done for a long time, the flow may be flat, the endless investment is into an endless labor force.

1, blog to be constantly updated, although it is difficult to write a blog every day, but 3, 2 days to maintain an article update is not difficult it, the search engine will often pay attention. Think of the update, forget not to update, such a blog how long it does not have any use, can not keep any users.

2, blog must have site map Sitemap, for this needless to say too much, understand the SEO people know how much the impact of the map on the blog, convenient search engine for fast and accurate index.

3, the use of the form of URL address, for example, the author's blog unified Navigation for the "seo-text" beginning, such as SEO optimization, url directory form for ***.com/seo-youhua/. Why? URL address contains navigation or page keywords, easier to optimize the rules.

4, on the message optimization, message is the main feature of the blog, however, the inevitable generation of spam, for this information must be treated with caution, a lot of junk information easily destroy the site in the search engine weight. Also note that check the comment for "nofollow" label, do not make the blog into a link factory.

5, about the H tag optimization, in the home page, list pages, logo can be displayed as H1 tag. But in the content page, I recommend the logo using H2 label, content title use H1 tag, emphasize the importance.

6, Blog content page title, take Z-blog blog, for this point does not have a clear optimization. The reasonable title should be "content title-channel title-Main station title", instead of putting the master station name first to display.

7, the copyright is well-known, in the blog optimization process, preferably at the end of the copyright label "This article xxx original, if reproduced, or reproduced in this article from XXXX," in practice, the site optimization has some help.

8, blog-related articles, as a blog should pay attention to the construction of page-related chain. Generally write an article should be listed at least 3 relevant articles, its useful search engine optimization.

9, the content of the keyword is not too much, in the blog content optimization, seoer is usually the keyword strokes text. But this quantity is not easy too much, General 3 on the head, reasonable optimization is generally the beginning end of a variety of strokes can be.

10, use tags tags, the mainstream of the blog system to support tags tags, this shows its importance. In fact, tags tags not only guide a collection of related articles, more is the optimization of the long tail of the page words. How to do long tail words, do not have to say it, to avoid the emergence of high fever keywords.

Binary network to join hands with Shanghai website Construction Company Pilotage Technology ( that: Independent blog attention to detail optimization, tight encirclement is not difficult, on the contrary negligence, what all feel unimportant, so that the shortcomings of a little bit of accumulation, the weight of the site is good, traffic is good, Will always be a bottleneck for development.

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