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Years later gradually fascinated SEO, so determined from a handyman replaced by an SEO optimization staff, just entered the industry GG left us, some regret, Baidu recently seems to be menopause, is very confusing, in this industry also "mixed" small three months, talk about my optimization of some small experience. Of course, most of the things were left behind by predecessors. Today, the main talk about the site snapshots do not update how we should solve. I believe we all know that the most important thing to do is to have the regularity, unfortunately, I took over the other half of the station to do. At first he did the skills and rules of the station I am not very clear, only to bite the bullet a little groping, during which a lot of problems. To make the same mistake. Below I do several stations to analyze the site snapshots do not update a few major reasons.

1. Website Space problem

The stability of the website space or not directly related to Baidu's credit rating of your station, the instability of the website space makes the website suddenly not open the direct consequence is the Baidu to station's appraisal to be low, just like the visitor, once two times good, if always can not open the words who also would like to come, the visitor will not come you to think picky spider he can come? I have a Beijing Lee Kang moving Company's station is this situation. A few days of unstable space, so that the site snapshots have not been updated for a while, and finally through a lot of links to make this station on the right track. The stability of the space is definitely a snapshot update of a factor, some webmaster site by K, down the right, most of the back file is due to it

2. Original content and external chain stability increase

Mass collection, never use, Baidu is now more focused on the content of the original, a lot of webmaster will meet today a lot of the collection tomorrow to see all No, do the malicious site was "pull hair", and now online repeat content too much, viewers do not like how can let spiders like. Writing soft Wen is not difficult, it is difficult to adhere to write, write high-quality articles, but now soft is the lowest cost of the promotion of one of the ways. As a qualified webmaster, you must learn to write soft text. Originality embodies the quality of the site. There are regular and original articles, spiders come back to your station have something to take away, naturally is often patronize, and also outside the chain, good outside the chain is the flow and ranking of the basis, said the chain, I have a site does not do a good job, a complete cabinet of the website. At the beginning also do not know link chain can not be too hasty, just take this station when nothing is crazy to find outside the chain, what forum, blog, ask, net pick, dig, circle and so can add to add, short time outside the chain soared, until the site was back to file, down the right I just know, do outside the chain must have the law anxious not. There is outside the chain can not be biased, a part of the article with a Do anchor text, part of the anchor text with B is not good, the chain must achieve universality, a wide range of outside the chain is the basis of ranking.

3. Viruses and horse-hanging problems

Believe that a lot of stationmaster will encounter this problem, especially some enterprise station, because the program design security has the problem, cause the website is always black, some station's word rank just went up, be the colleague or hacker lover Black, will program webmaster OK, found that should come over, If you have not found the spider saw a few times your home page faced by K is not far away, the home is gone, how to talk about snapshots? I have a station solar water heater that's it. Home has been k for more than 10 days, or not back, can be depressed.

Of course, there are many reasons for the site snapshot does not update, the website Structure module revision, the site title changes, the keyword frequently changes. Friendship links are not good to produce a joint reaction. Black chain instability (recommended not to covet cheap and convenient) and so on. Snapshot update content and the outside chain are critical, only two are very balanced to have a good ranking. We do SEO avoid impatient, impatient late hot tofu, think users want to improve user experience, perseverance. There is a lot of learning from the predecessors left the experience and skills, to admin5,seomoon,chinaz,seowhy are very good choice. For beginners like me, the most important thing is to have a lot of communication with everyone.

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