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Recently listen to a lot of friends response: Sina Blog recently included slow down Baidu. Now Baidu is not as diligent as before the collection of Sina blog article. Very slowly. Baidu has lost interest in Sina Blog?

According to the trial, the difference is that my newly-built blog is included in one hours. But to tell the truth, in fact, the difficulty of collecting a blog with a new station is the same difficulty. First of all, your content to get the recognition of Baidu, Baidu has been doing anti-spam information work, you need to know the program to distinguish hundreds of billions of data, if not filtering some of the obvious junk information so Baidu database space can not accommodate.

Here are some tips for everyone: [Note: The method here is just for the blog purely to do outside the chain. ]

1. Blog title must be unique [you can search Baidu: see if you want to do the title there are no other similar]

2. Create a blog, as much as possible to fill the blog information, so that search engine feel that your blog is in the heart of the business. [Remember to picture]

3. Blog description must be filled in. Just like the website description tag. Tell the search engine what your blog is doing?

4. Set good links and focus on the site [Page Setup-Set Blog Homepage module-Create List module]

5. The title of the article should also have the uniqueness (content as far as possible false original, do not copy the contents of the whole people.) )

6. The best time to publish the article [Morning 8:00-9:00 afternoon 14:00-15:00 evening: 02:00-05:00][maintain must update the law. The search engine will shorten his time gradually.

7. Do an internal connection for each article. Point to the site you want to promote. [end of each article must do a good job anchor text point to the homepage of the blog.) Mainly for the collection of blog home as soon as possible]

8. Blog mass skills: first in their own site included, and then the article sent to your blog, the last to mass this article is the best.

9. It's best if you have 10 articles in your blog to submit to the search engine. [Like the new station, the frame after playing well, but there is nothing in the content, others Baidu how to talk about included it?]

10. According to the strategy of the actual combat shows: Baidu is more friendly to Sina and Google on the news more ambiguous other blog to see everyone to practice it.

11. Wish you to create a blog as soon as possible.

The above purely individual actual combat conclusion. Bad place, look at everyone together to discuss the mystery of the Bo. This article by the www.hainanlove.com stationmaster original reprint Please indicate the origin author: on the Strategy qq:772340535

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