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We're all talking about the development of network marketing today, interactivity is the key to whether network marketing can reach the effectiveness of the transmission. Then the SMEs in the network marketing, the so-called interaction, is authenticity? Why many small and medium-sized enterprises feel their network marketing interaction is very strong, but the effect is very failed? Rui Yang wants to talk about this today.

One, the Navy

Believe that many network companies in the network marketing to customers, have used a lot of navy. In fact, to tell the truth, Rui Yang also use the Navy. But in how to use the problem, Rui Yang to say, the initial period of the Navy will be the customer's information to get out, in order to achieve "a good deal" effect. If the end of the head is all the Navy do. So this interactivity is fake. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why network marketing is not effective. So network companies. Customers. When you should do something, be sure to think about it.

II. News

Can be said to send news, reprinted news, is an indispensable way of network marketing, a large number of news release and reprint, may be to let the customer feel that their network marketing is really concerned about, really interactive. But in fact this is self-deception. This in addition to let enterprise short-term on the Internet more than a few included, do not play a better role. In the vast network of networks, the news is fleeting. Money is not less, in the end. Nothing but a few links. Therefore, will not be any effect for the network marketing generation.

Three, bought fans and attention

Blog marketing and micro-blog marketing are now the most popular network marketing methods. Believe that most companies have their own official microblogging and blog. But a few are really interactive corporate propaganda platform. The number of fans and concerns is real. Maybe this thing is self-evident. This is also lost, the original platform as a propaganda focus of significance. End。 Or to their own propaganda, to their own interaction.

Rui Yang said these are feelings. Recently found that many people say, network marketing is nothing, interactive marketing simpler. This is because many network marketing companies are also increasingly simplistic network marketing. The reason is that they don't really do internet marketing. No responsible professional attitude. Not a serious and meticulous heart. So we're talking about the key to interactive marketing, network marketing. But how far is real interactive marketing from us? Reprint please indicate the source Network Marketing planning agency Rui Yang Network

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