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SEO Sunflower Code Warm tips: The general small and medium-sized enterprises in the recognition of SEO, as long as the name of their company can be found on the search engine can be. No one knows that a good site will be equivalent to help the company to invite a few excellent sales, in addition to play more effective. The site lets us not take the initiative to search for our customers, all the customers through the Internet to find our site and understand the services we provide and then get in touch with us, most of the orders are through the site rather than the artificial automatic production.

General corporate web browsing is very low, the following SEO sunflower code summed up a number of reasons:

Small and medium-sized Enterprise website popularity and scale are not big, like large companies generally have professional personnel to maintain the site. And most of the traffic comes from advertising, which is difficult for small and medium enterprises to adopt.

Business owners are generally provided with the existing graphics and text information to the Internet companies to make, and then the details of the site process has a lot of requirements, because do not know how to network marketing, so much attention to Web page design. And the website makes the company does not have the extra budget to consider the website optimization problem for the Enterprise website. Because the website optimization takes a long time to see the effect, on the one hand is the enterprise does not have this aspect the budget, moreover lets the business owner understand what is SEO is a difficult matter.

Most enterprises do not understand SEO site optimization impact and significance. Basic maintenance of the site do not feel the need, not to mention, the site made out, a lot of corporate web site information has not been updated for several years. However these are the influence website rank and the traffic important factor, causes these websites to operate more than 10 years, can be searched the key word to be very few.

Enterprise website set up after the ignore, this way how will bring customers and business for the company? The vast majority of web designers do not know how to network marketing, search engine optimization is also a smattering of knowledge, their design of the site for the ranking is difficult to have much help. The website makes the refinement, the process is fancy, if no one can search, to the enterprise can not bring much benefit. So the first job after the site is to promote the site to allow more exposure to the site, so that potential customers can have the opportunity to our corporate website, so as to achieve corporate publicity, product promotion, expand online business, the implementation of Internet marketing, ultimately through the corporate Web site to achieve profit.

SEO Search engine Optimization is a very important basic website promotion work. It is the principle of the site according to the search engine automatically included in the rules, with special technology to deal with, so that the site can be quickly and effectively indexed by the search engine. Statistics show that most Web sites have eight or nine access to the search engine. So your site's performance on the search engine directly affects the extent to which the site is known. Looking at most of the small and medium enterprises Web sites, do not do a good job search engine optimization. Some enterprises are willing to use a variety of pay means to promote the site, but often in search engine performance is not good, the promotion of exposure effect is not ideal, there is a very important reason is to ignore the site's own search engine optimization work.

Enterprise's network Marketing, provides the network Marketing consultant service for the enterprise, assists the enterprise to obtain the wider market.

Search engine optimization is both a technical-oriented work and a work that is closely related to enterprise characteristics, requiring constant analysis and seeking external coordination and cooperation. Experiments show that search engine optimization can not only make the site on the search engine has a good performance, but also to make the entire site look simple and clear, the page concise, the target customers can go directly to the theme, so that the site to play the enterprise and customer interaction of the best results.

Now more and more enterprises recognize the importance of website promotion, but can have more business owners or the effectiveness of the site to promote the dubious, but the fact that the site is not to promote is not to make money, the site is for potential customers to see, not their own business in the look. Therefore, the website must pay attention to promote the work of exposure.

Web site to promote a lot of ways, not just to ask some work-study to someone else's website message board or discussion area to send messages, nor to collect or purchase email box spam. According to the different nature of the site to use different promotional methods, and search engine optimization is always the highest CP value promotion method.

SEO Sunflower Code Warm tips: Small business owners of the Web site to develop online marketing early love to follow their own ideas, unless the business owners are experts in this field is another matter. The key is that most business owners do not know much about Internet knowledge, they do it according to their own ideas, and ultimately it is difficult to achieve the goal.

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