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Keywords SEO don't every day some worry

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Seoer a number of indicators every day to maintain the current performance, some of which are not too much to worry about:

The higher the PageRank the better?

SEO in this industry just appeared, everyone on the Google toolbar called PageRank Green Long has a lasting keen attention. You know why? Because the original Google was sorted exactly according to the PageRank level.

A few years have passed, what is today's PageRank?

PageRank still means something, but please don't be so obsessed with it, make time to do something more, like adding 1 pages of original content to your site.

Disturbed by the views of other Seoer

The internet is filled with a lot of technical soft text, they are not to help you solve problems, share knowledge, their goal is only one: the soft text.

We have met a lot of just into the SEO industry friends, casually see an article, we must learn how to improve the practice inside. Frankly, if you are a diligent reader, you will be affected more than 10 times a day.

SEO tips are far less than you think, please believe yourself a little more, do not easily be around.

Clear their own goals, day after day hard work, SEO needs to adhere to long-term.

Overly concerned about Baidu, Google, Yahoo

Often see the discussion of Baidu, Google, Yahoo algorithm of the article, it seems that they must be separated to appear to be enough professional.

Yes, if a website can get a stable ranking position in the three major search engines, we admit it's great. However, the algorithm of each search engine is very different, in order to adjust Baidu here, in order to Google adjust there, these inefficient labor cost seoer a lot of time. Why not adjust for the viewer?

Every day for the search engine algorithm adjustment This adjustment that, as well as shielding the visitors, the browsing permissions only to search engine spiders forget.

Overly worried about the fall in the rankings

Make it clear that search engine results are in a changing order. Like the famous "human make mistakes", "Search engine rankings Change" is also seoer life.

Countless new sites are on the line every day, countless old sites are closed every day, new information is constantly being embraced by the internet, and new SEO campaigns are staged every day.

If you pay attention to a large number of target keyword rankings will really make you tired, please transfer the target, to focus on their own business, business bar.

Trying to squeeze into dmoz.

How much does DMOZ help your business? is dmoz still valid for SEO? SEO Training Center that the brilliant Dmoz is past, we do not need to think again why not be included.

Please don't be mistaken, we didn't say DMOZ didn't work. In fact, DMOZ is still an open catalog that every seoer is worth taking time to submit, but you must remember to "leave the dmoz behind and forget about it".

It is a glorious thing that your website is dmoz. If not included, it does not matter, you have participated in the game, you can play next year, in short, not too serious.

Fuss over Alexa (or similar rankings)

Excessive attention to Alexa (Alek, please do not read as a mile guest) is the world's website owners common problems. Yes, we occasionally also look at the Alexa information on our website, but this is just to see the site's traffic history trend--although the data displayed is only from the user who installed the Alexa toolbar.

Alexa provides the data to tell us whether our website has made progress in the current period. But not because the index data down on the rush? Not at all, again, Alexa data only from the user who installed the Alexa tool bar.

In fact, there are many want to say, such as: "Do not expect search engine ranked first", "do not worry about who link" ... Please make a seoer with two ears.

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