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Seoer Please respect the original, why to play this title, in fact, is to tell us peers, respect the work of our authors, purify the Internet environment. The internet on the flood of information, so that many users are disgusted, if we continue to just for the chain, and constantly copy and paste other people's things, in the end with their own web site links, that way you will go to the elimination.

Walk in SEO optimization this way, you should love her, will she as an art to spread, so that more users feel your "beauty." If you just want to survive, just for a website ranking, nothing else to consider, then please stay away from SEO. Because on this road, the search engine is constantly changing the algorithm, in order to make the user experience higher, and what you do is the opposite, you are just shooting yourself in the foot.

Seoer Please respect the original: When you reprint, attach the author information

For information on the Internet, if you feel that an article or news is very good, we share and reprint so that more people see that this is a very good thing. But there are a lot of seoer do not think so, he just want to add a chain, in the reprint of the original author of all the information deleted, at the end of the attached their own information. This is the biggest piracy on our internet and the most disgusting behavior of our original authors. You do not respect the results of other people's hard work, you just for yourself a chain, such behavior do you think you will get more people agree?

Seoer Please respect the original: share more, write your own personal opinion

Many people are lazy and unwilling to write articles, just blindly paste replication on the Web, creating a large number of network information garbage. We have been learning Chinese since childhood, always to the university, we can not do without writing, not to write something, but what we lack is to find and summary. Share your opinions and write your inner heart, such articles must be read by readers and others willing to spread to you.

Seoer Please respect the original: To get other people's approval must first respect others

Every time I write an article published in A5, I will find that many sites and forums are reproduced, but its attached author information is his own. When you see such a situation, I can only be chilling to ask the person who reprinted, you just get a chain, and you hurt the development of the entire industry. You have no respect for others, how can you be respected. (Shi series of articles) outside the chain of methods there are a lot of why we have to work hard and like the continuous pasting copy of the machine. When you get other people's identity, your friends and readers will share for you, this time you get more than a chain, there are many many ...

Do seoer everybody is saying insist, say is looking at Baidu face, this undeniable, but you method is wrong, effort is in vain. Being a person is very important, only can be a person, good people, can do good deeds. For the seoer industry is even more so, although you inadvertently copy someone else's article with their own links, but you this behavior is despised, you will pound the reputation of the entire industry.

Seoer Please respect the original article, if you can't write, then you can go to study, I believe that when you learn more than you copy and paste other people's stronger. When everyone is sharing their opinions and writing their own thoughts, you will see that the internet is so beautiful. Such writing ability own, also not worry will be eliminated, so for their own careers, for their own future, please respect each other. This road can be said to be difficult, but with the support of everyone, together, we will find that there is still a lot of fun, will be more people recognized.

Article Source shop decoration, A5 starting, reprint please keep the address!

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