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I am a new webmaster, although no experience, but today still want to talk about my views on the current site.

I was only recently started to do webmaster, can be said to be rookie rookie, so often on A5 to see the experience of other webmaster, learning to learn. Do the site is important content, original elements of the site is easy to let netizens favor. My website I burn nets, its main purpose is to promote the blog, let more people to write, more people to see. However, there is less or no original content. So for my website, it is more difficult to develop.

Do SEO or do other website promotion is good, there is no other site so easy, so let me very depressed.

But I want to say is not these, I want to say is about the website development question. Innovation is now the site is relatively missing things, there are many sites are copying other sites of things, not much innovative spirit. For the profit of the website, actually also need to innovate, we to this time, cannot rely on advertising to make money, 2009 should consider some new methods. For my site, has been in the novelty, every day I am considering a new network marketing model, although it has not been thought, but I believe that will find a good way. If you come up with a new profit model in the turbulent times of next year, you are likely to be the leader and the profit is needless to say.

This is just my more superficial ideas, there are many immature places, so I still have a long way to go, I hope the success of the webmaster more to guide the maze.

My website: I burn the net

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