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Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall

1. A piece: Sign up for 5 QQ name for passionate beauty words

(Individual in the experiment this QQ is very fire average each QQ can bring 30--50IP)

May bring 150--200 unequal IP

2. Register 6 accounts in 3 Yellow Forums 2 accounts per forum

(I found this in practice is still more effective) Yes, it can bring 450--600ip.

3. In some small forums to send some posts or questions to answer, (I am in practice to conclude that such a forum can be permanent posts, click probability of a large long-term) temporarily ignore IP

4. In Baidu to ask questions or send some questions, pay attention to the way you can let someone else to meter your website. 300IP per day not more than 3 to 5 articles enough.

But ask yourself. Effect is good.

5. To some Forum popular forum or website post write article 10 more prosperous community daily send 2--3 article classic posts. 200ip

6. Blog space is to attend to look at someone else's article back to the content to be sincere, 5 blog space, every day to send some articles, two articles on the line, each blog to see the article 30--50 article, simple back. Add the URL. 400IP

7. Be careful of IP by K, is available.

Specific Reference site This site is not very good in art, but in the promotion of above. Look at this site, will be able to benefit greatly.

Not more than half an hour in total.

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