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May 9 The industry out of the case immediately after the acquisition of the Internet hot discussion, in everyone scrambling to gather speculation, is Tencent, 360 or Baidu finally acquire the right to buy, have to say is the domestic search engine reshuffle. Although this message was subsequently denied by Wang Xiaoquan, but the internet confusing market is no one can say, it is no wonder that Sohu shares rose 7%. As the domestic search user after Baidu, 360 of the domestic third largest search engine, the market share of about 8%, if Sohu really decided to sell, whether it is odd Tiger 360 or Baidu will not hesitate to spend the purchase, which directly related to the future of the search engine market new pattern.

The results of the dog will be sold out of the effectiveness, are said to be in Baidu, 360 of the competitive pressure, Sogou's market growth is difficult to get further improvement in the development bottlenecks can not break when the sale becomes the only choice. We all know that Sogou search engine customers rely mainly on Sogou input method and Sogou browser, although Sogou input in the industry's high penetration rate, the ability to aggregate customers has been not improved, Sogou browser in other domestic browsers under the pressure of the market share is not much, converged to Sogou browser users are not very ideal. and Sogou to Baidu and 360 competition, you must expand their customer source, although Sohu as the domestic 4 portal station has a huge number of users, especially Sohu Weibo fans are quite a lot, but to the search engine users in the short term still have a lot of difficulties. Baidu relies on its own strong market share and the essence of continuous improvement, coupled with advanced search engine technology in the short term it is difficult to contend with the emergence of enterprises, 360 with a large user security browser, through the customer hostage and forge ahead also gained a huge market share, Two major search engines are secretly exerting force for more search engine market, have to say let Sogou see the bottleneck of development.

And if Sogou decided to sell, whether it is Baidu or 360 only have successfully bought it, can bring great pressure to each other. At present, Baidu in the domestic search engine occupies a share of about 70%, once the successful acquisition of Sogou will be a well-deserved industry leader, Qihoo 360 by virtue of 2012 turned out to be difficult to go the search engine more than 10% of the share cannot say is Baidu heart unspeakable difficulties. And if Qihoo 360 acquisition of successful market share to 20& around, in the industry challenger Zhou led by more to Baidu to challenge the emboldened, will inevitably cause more pressure on Baidu. Of course, if Tencent's acquisition succeeds, it is a fresh blood injection for the search engine which is in the front of the foot. Regardless of the success of the search Sogou, can not help but say it is a fatal blow to competitors, but also determine the future search engine market share.

Of course Sohu Mister Charles Zhang is to pick up the reputation of sogou to enhance its market share, or really sell is to make people elusive. We know as the domestic four major portal Sohu, in the customer's aggregation and market performance and so on are slowly behind the competitors Sina and Tencent, the voice of Sohu reform in the industry each other ups and downs. However, as the third largest search engine Sogou, Sohu really will have the heart to sell it, still remember 2010 for the prevention of Qihoo 360 of the acquisition or into the capital, Charles Zhang to save Sogou personally to Hangzhou, Jack Ma, we can not say that Sogou sell whether or not. The industry generally believe that Sogou in the search engine market will further upgrade, compared to Sogou input method of the market share has been as high as 80%, its aggregation of customer capacity is not to be overlooked.

Regardless of whether the future Sogou is acquired, but at least one goal has been achieved, sogou in the performance of the visibility has been further improved, Sohu's share price has been greatly improved. Can be confusing search engine market development, mobile search brings a huge impact, the user of technology development requirements, etc., are telling us that the search engine market is not as simple as we see. Sogou merger case Whether it is self-hype or really have its things, the impact of the search engine are real, it is worth our vast number of webmasters to wait and see. Hotel website Construction: a5 start, reprint please explain source!

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