Summary of the experience of rapidly pulling flow and making money

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Tourist Webmaster Association: A summary of the experience of rapid flow and money-making

1. Home, choose a good theme, you must do their familiar

How to choose a theme? Is the hottest one the best? Baidu Cloud list, popular search TOP10

See if the flow is drooling over it? This kind of super hot word, all needs the team to fight, the individual is suitable to pick up their missing root cold.

Firefox,vista such a perennial hot words, has a master in the store, the competition is very fierce. The level of general webmaster is also not suitable to meddle. So what can we do? Be sure to find your favorite, your preference, you know, do professional, so you will easily get first, produce a better value,

For example, good bandits once in the have done tourism products, comparative understanding of some basic e-commerce knowledge, so only to do a tourism information station, the site does not necessarily do how beautiful, the content is not a lot, also not necessarily immediately profitable, but I at least understand some of the basic tourism site flow, know some of the travel Tour stationmaster. My little station has a small group of loyal readers. After a lecture, a party, a la sponsorship, you can start making a little money.

2. Do stand must have their own original things

Acquisition and replication will never be able to achieve the brand, there will never be a continuous high number of visits, Baidu will only think you here is a garbage place. Can be abandoned at any time. There are several friends in the process of station, a large number of collection, even put Ctrip, e Tour, search Regiment, such as the whole station gathered over the stations, just began to flow, not after two months, began to drop the right, K station, no search engine support, had to close the station, such a site is dependent on the search engine and alive, There will be no loyal visitors.

3. Maintain daily update, open up information section

Each column is updated, it is very time-consuming, very tiring things, you can spend half an hour a day to update more than 10 news, Sina, Baidu's news is very good, the amount is big enough. You update very diligent, the spider also comes diligently,

Company to do the, 1 consecutive months daily update 20 lines, the group travel this keyword, to achieve the first three search engines.

When your IP reached about 500, you can start to put Baidu, Google ads. Wait for the dollar and the renminbi.

4. The advertisement puts on the skill to be big

You can put into the alliance of advertising, such as the tourism industry elong Hotel, air tickets, such as the effect of profit sharing; You can also put GG ads, Pay-per-click. Specific skills you can go to and channel to see the relevant high man's article, Master Day Hundred knives or some.

5. About Quick money:

Now the site is much, not so good to make money, but as long as you study attentively, happy to do, marry a daughter-in-law or something is no problem. Wang once said a word, as long as there is IP, consider making money. What was the exact words, I forgot, that's what it means.

If you do not understand the alliance, you can go to the outdated money plate and the league (/union/) inside to see, the credibility of the Alliance are in the inside, suggest to find some people generally recognized as good quality, good reputation of the alliance to do.

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