Sweat and mind in exchange for "the site has not included four digits of revenue"

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For a long time did not come to A5, there are many webmaster friends in QQ asked me what I was busy. In fact, I also want to Ah, A5 is a good place to study, has always insisted that often come, recently really too busy, a long time did not report. To apologize, report on your work this time and share your experience.

In fact, this time in a new station, a generation of graduation thesis website, this line of competition is very fierce, are already the price of cabbage, and not anyone can do. But I and my good partner "fish without Water", obstinately in this log bridge to kill a road. We two people, in the site has not been Baidu, Google any search engine included in the case, to make the site's first bucket of gold, the amount is not large, only 1800 yuan, but compared to those sites rich content, PR very high webmaster, we ran win.

To get down to the matter, share with us how we do "website confiscation, revenue four digits".

1, site profitability model positioning! In fact, to do this site thinking for a long time, slowly formed a long-term strategic thinking, but also has a specific implementation strategy. So here nagging a little, we many new webmaster to learn from the old webmaster, we must determine the location of the site, think good profit model, because "China's most not missing is the garbage station." Like our station, my plan is two steps to go, the first step of professional writing paper services, charging service fees; the second, slowly enrich the content of the site, and gradually develop into an intermediary platform for writing, our own writing services to take a backseat, replaced by intermediary fees and GG ads.

2, name, choice space, production, original update ... This is a cliché, I don't want to say more.

3, Promotion! This is the most critical, and it is precisely because of "sword walk Slant", we did "website confiscation, revenue four digits". General promotion methods We are doing, we also change links, post, can do all done, but the effect is very poor. Then we came together to discuss, with the traditional, and everyone used the method will not work, so we come up with two odd strokes.

The first recruit: the website marries the mo. At the entrance of the higher Education Park, we selected 20 www.51daixie.cn, a very fine red note on each car, which read "Write a paper, please on the". Then a car gives them 5 dollars a month. The price is fair, because I knew before, they were all decorated with some medical ads, and only 251 months, I only put a note to give them 5, they readily agreed.

Second recruit: QQ good impression Big Bang. We have a focus on the selection of some students QQ group, add in, in everyone's QQ good impression is also written in the text of the sentence (in order to avoid the suspicion of ad, will not write). There is also a small episode, is that I accidentally in a teacher administrator's good impression also wrote this line of words, the end can be imagined, kicked out of the group. But we as stationmaster, there should be repeated war repeatedly defeated, repeatedly defeated the grassroots spirit of war. In fact, this method is very useful, because the QQ has a good impression is a relatively new product, a lot of people are interested in it, and everyone has a lot of friends, so spread, wildfire, website publicity exploded as flowering.

These two methods are very useful, of course, the first one is still a certain risk, we are also planning to change the form. The effect is very obvious, these work has been done to now less than a week, we have received several business consulting, and finally became a few, the money quickly remitted.

"Site confiscation, four-digit revenue" in many people seem very happy, in fact, the hardships in the only we know. The feeling of being kicked out of the group, the taste of being abused, also can only taste. Then, after receiving the list, we also have to consult quite a lot of information to write a paper, after all, this kind of thing is a professional Professor review, the paper through the difficulty is not small, we often stay up late into the night.

Of course, all the pay has a return, I also believe that many and we are the same in the quiet struggle of grassroots webmaster will have the good luck, we must continue to refuel.

Here must thank A5, can have such a free speech learning environment, but also to thank all the Webmaster friends to support us, but thanks to my good partner "no water fish", we cry together laugh, together to break the horizon!

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