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Today, just talk about the user experience of a website, there was a friend who worked in a moving company, and his job was to find a friend who had moved and found a market where he saw the power of the web, so he was ready to do a local Service site about the type of move, and here, He directly and I said that the site must be a good user experience Ah, you see moving this industry, itself is to serve the existence of, so, the site must do a good job, so, here, I would like to say this site on the heart of the user experience some ideas, but also for their own this site lay the foundation.

First of all, do a good job of the site layout, which is also included in the user experience, just like, this move website service is mainly, then the website, regarding the specific service scope, the specific service condition, as well as the service time, and so on must understand clearly, and this kind of clear, is gives the other people the most perfect explanation, moreover, The case of service must be, since to do a good job of the website, then about this service the best explanation, the best case, and so on, and even evaluation and so on should be put up, once remember on Taobao have local services, such as in Hangzhou, have a bit of food and other services Taobao shop, and every day the company lunch orders Stream, And these are just looking at the evaluation and services, there will certainly be the first time to have a second, and the contact phone and so must be eye-catching, this point all need to reflect the layout of the site, through the layout to show the content, this is what should be done.

Secondly, the above mentioned layout and content, then here, is to mention some promotion, in fact, my own idea, local moving services to do the home page, so that there will be traffic, there is a great opportunity to deal with, this is for the purpose of SEO, but, if there is no user experience, such rankings will not be long, so , this, experience can not be separated from the promotion model, that is to say, the SEO method, the updated content is not moving information outside the content, must and move closely related, whether it is chatting with others, or some other concessions, and so on, or the big move information, are available, All I have to do is make people feel this site, are moving information, people feel at this time a very professional site, rather than a very flooded site, this is my idea, then outside the chain, the blog is sure to build, move the blog, how to move and so on the anchor text, I still tend to build a lot of relevance blogs to promote, I remember in the query a site's back chain, I saw his main outside the chain source is derived from the same type of blog, and then the main nature of the related greatly led to the weight, so, outside the chain I will go to buy the relevance of the topic outside the chain, these are necessary.

Again, the user experience comes from attitude, when your site comes with traffic and enquiries, this time, the performance is the inquiry, perhaps you can make a big local moving company, attitude to decide everything, since it is a service industry, then attitude will also belong to the user experience of one, the site more than one online chat, or QQ contact way, and so on, are very good to solve the problem of communication difficult, after all, to make a phone call, is how much courage ah, and online chat is how convenient ah, and later things, is Word-of-mouth, after all, when the SEO to a certain extent, the type of move need word-of-mouth propaganda with each other, No Word-of-mouth website God horse is a cloud, can make a reputation in the local, that is to their affirmation and evaluation, about this kind of evaluation, maximize their popularity.

Do a good user experience, in fact, the most want to say is no matter what type of industry, are inseparable from the user experience, and the user experience is just the core of SEO, do a good job of the experience, to the perfect method industry influence, http://, Guangzhou Volkswagen moving Company, this is my a moving site, we can see, a lot of information are added to their own, after all, only a good experience, in order to create a value for others, service is kingly.

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