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I know the novel station can do the keywords, roughly the following:

1, no advertising novels, all novels, good-looking novels and other adjectives with the key words

2, their own station name (relatively few, is generally attached to the belt up)

3, the title of the popular novel

4, extremely hot novel long tail word, such as fights breaking the sky the newest chapter.

5, fake sites, that is, the use of popular novel Web site to do keywords, such as cloud Porch pavilion, no advertising, creative literature and so on.

Basically is these five kinds of, and the third one is more easy to expand, expand into all kinds of words with adjectives, such as free novel Nets, all novels, good novels, novel reading Nets and so on.

So as a grassroots webmaster without too many assets, how should we choose the key words rationally and maximize our own interests? The following is a brief introduction (mainly for the first, the title of the key words)

The key to choosing a word: heat.

Heat is very important, if you choose a day search volume is only 1000 of the key words, it is estimated to do is white. Of course, if you are a few keywords to do together, each keyword Baidu index has one thousand or two thousand, the effect is also good. In short, look at the ability, if there is more money can be invested in, do a hot word is good.

Two key words: competition.

The difficulty of competition is also an important problem to investigate the key words. This is a very important reference for a word that has been discovered. Query method can be in Baidu Google search this keyword, mainly look at the URL is not the home page link, if most of the pagination can also do, if there are more than 5 home page in the word, suggest to give up this word (do not represent you to compete but others, but the people's rankings are up, As users click, the rankings will continue to rise, no advantage.

The key to the choice of words three: potential.

This is the focus of the choice of word strategy and direction. What is the potential? The high potential of words, no one to do, but you know it must be fire, a bit similar to, a famous novel finished, his next book title has not yet announced, but told you, at this time, you immediately start to do, is not a considerable advantage? about potential, if there's no connection, Read the story of the network there is a relatively simple way to tell everyone (only for the novel station), we can visit the starting point and vertical and horizontal, look at their new book list, ranked in the top three, to Chinaz Baidu Index analysis, if the index of more than 1000, it is worth a try. But this is also more one-sided look, a comprehensive view of a potential word needs to see more things, this is also more difficult to describe clearly, in short, all aspects of the objective view, see the potential of good words as soon as possible, do not miss every opportunity. Of course, the potential of the probe is finished or as said above, Baidu Google search to see if anyone has been eyeing the word.

The key to the choice of words four: long-term.

As far as a network novel is concerned, no matter how much he writes, he will have to finish it sooner or later. Do not cling to a book's High search volume, pay attention to the writing progress of this book, if it is quickly finished, even if you push tide, the word to do the first page, you can bring benefits is only short-lived. About the way to know whether a word is long, one is simply regarded as the number of chapters have been written, only to write less than 100 chapters of the Basic is a new book, there is a can I catch a look (no time is not recommended), a good novel to look at their own ah well.

The last word to recommend is a new book, a new book with potential. If this kind of books put up the rankings, the benefits brought about by many can be reflected. First, the new book release Time is short, less than the webmaster will pay attention to, and then, the heat of the new book must be able to stay longer, can bring more long-term benefits to the webmaster.

In addition to give less attention to the development of the novel webmaster a little Tips, a novel, after the shelves (that is, after the beginning of the VIP charges section), the search volume will have a great leap, mainly because the free section during the period of many users are in the official reading novels, so less search.

Finally, we suggest that we should look at the novel in Time, read the novel Network ( are no advertising novels. (such as which is the great God, which works easy fire), I am also a reader, hehe.

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