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Film and television station believe that many beginners have done, here I talk about the most important keyword strategy.

First, film and television stations are selected high hot words to do, but some of them are like the legend of Bruce Lee when the high heat of the Baidu index. You can bring a good income as soon as you do it. And in the process of doing film and television station, what is the most important? Yes, keyword strategy. First of all, the movie station's keyword strategy and other station optimization is different

1, first film general choice participle to do title better. In keywords words can choose the main keyword plus 3~4 keyword.

2, keyword density. Film and television station keyword density is not too high, and other stations are different, do not have to do%6~%8 so high. Just%2~5%. Too high Baidu is not easy to collect!

3, the keyword layout. The layout of the key words of the film and television station must be even, and the layout of the key words is about the same. Don't focus too much on the head.

4, keyword frequency. Generally a film and television exhibition are controlled under 30K, so the number of keywords appear relatively easy to too much.

Junk film and television station is a good choice to do trash, but many people are too attached to the external link! This is wrong, in fact, according to our experience, keyword strategy is the most important part of the film and television station. I have a group of friends who started to do garbage stations. You can refer to the site's keyword strategy I believe it helps everyone!

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