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This year's August 2 just caught up with China's traditional festivals-Tanabata festival. Chinese Valentine's Day in China has a very beautiful legend, every year at the beginning of the July Seven, Cowherd and Weaver will meet on the Magpie bridge. About this legend can be said that China's generation of hanging silk catch up with the rich beauty of the story, and the cowboy can be said that we are the originator of the silk industry reverse attack. Dongguan Seo-aj in this article to say is not what romantic love story, I would like to talk about how we do for the SEO of the hanging wire from the cowboy this big originator learn how to successfully reverse the essence of attack.

"To do things, first person." "This is the motto of many successful people today. Tong Goughan today, where the great cause of all have a good character, the so-called character determines fate, details determine success or failure, bearing decision pattern, attitude determines everything! The cowboy is the cattle boy, belongs to the Chinese ancient history standard peasant image. Cowboy respect others, humility, doing things in good faith, the pursuit of Weaver perseverance, Weaver was captured by God peace of mind. These are the things we do for SEO to the great originator of the lifting silk to learn something. Dongguan Seo-aj believe that anyone who makes a big career should be in the first.

Respect others-Respect yourself

1. Respect the copyright of others. Do not steal other people's articles. When you reprint another's article, you should indicate the copyright information of others.

2, respect the reader. To the social view, the reader view is the most serious, do not take the random false original article to form the flesh and blood of the website, this spell out most is a freak monster.

3. Respect your opponents. Deal with the relationship with the site's competitors, do not arbitrarily attack opponents, denigrate opponents or to create trouble for competitors, etc., to achieve peaceful development.

4. Respect yourself. Respect for others also respect yourself. If you are unfair to others, others will try to fight back. Finally marching, why?

Second, humility-learn humbly

1, visit the forum to learn. For us to do SEO this line of people, the best SEO forum is not outside: Search outside, A5, push A, 28 push, stragglers and so on, whether you are posting, replies, check information, help, answer, etc. these are itself a learning process.

2, to the top of the site to learn. Whether it is your competitor's website, or other industry sites, can learn, good analysis of other people's site outside the chain, the chain, content, to apply.

3. Learn forever. For SEO this line, also belongs to the scope of E-commerce. Now the electronic commerce although develops very hot, but the development change is also very fast. To do well, we must always maintain a humble attitude to learn, in order to have the opportunity to squeeze into the forefront of the industry.

Third, work in good faith-sincere SEO

1. Adhere to white hat seo. Choose White Hat seo way is the formal SEO way, is the site construction optimization of the right path. The way to go long, can walk more stable, go farther.

2. Reject the Black Hat seo. After a website is built up, can't hold the idea of try Black Hat seo, Black hat seo may help your site for a short period of time to get rankings, but once Baidu detected your site with a black Hat method, update, your site will be updated after the "sandbox" of the bottomless hole. Therefore, you must have a sincere heart, sincere to do SEO.

3. Supplement. If you want to understand white hat seo and black hat seo is different, Dongguan Seo-aj recommend you look at my article "Seor to know-white hat seo and black hat seo."

Four, perseverance-stick to the end

1. Adhere to the update. Adhere to the website content update, keep in order with the spider contact.

2. Adhere to the outside chain. Sticking to the content of the chain is also one of the main contents of Seor's daily work, as well as an important part of our work. Do a good job in the chain, friendship outside the chain, do a good job of the chain outside the forum, outside the chain is that we seor must have been studying, attentively accumulated work core.

3. Stick to analysis. Do website construction optimization work to develop a good habit of summing up, the best daily Summary, every Monday summary. Analysis of the content should not only be limited to the collection of outside the chain, but also should include how to attract traffic, how to improve the conversion rate of the site and many other issues.

4. Stick to the bottom. Ma Yun has a saying that the household well-known, "Today is very dark, tomorrow is very dark, the day after next is bright, most people died in the night before dawn." This sentence also confirms the status of the SEO industry, adhere to the end is very important, successful people often belong to those who can stick to the end of the people. Stick to the end, can you?

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