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The author love has been in three-tier cities to do network optimization work has been 2 years, what is the network optimization? The layman seems to be the ranking of keywords to optimize, it is so simple; we do the optimization of the people themselves are very clear, network optimization is not just to get keywords ranking, but contains a number of factors, such as how to promote, How to package, how to exchange links and so on.

In fact, network optimization is to do for the layman to see, because a lot of laymen, occupy a considerable proportion, how to grasp the psychology of their group, you can hold the victory in their hands, then, I will be a driving school management site (three-tier city) to explain the three-tier city of the Netizen's search habits?

Keywords analysis.

The first is to see what this site is about. If I optimize a website is engaged in driving school management, targeted users are major driving schools, to these people to provide software support.

Then, look at its keyword characteristics, such as driving school management, driving school management software, simulation test platform, and so on.

Again, from the Baidu traffic look, basically is driving school management, driving school prices, mock exams, test questions and so on.

Second, positioning the search habits of netizens.

In the first step we analyzed the site positioning, next we can roughly guess what our site is the type of site, its search to the netizens are basically the driving school managers, and some people preparing for the exam. These people's search habits are tightly around about how to evaluate where the driving school is good, where the test questions really.

This is further to optimize our people to provide an optimization goal, as long as these long tail words optimized to the home page, is our task.

Third, locate which netizens use the search engine.

This must be observed, from the various statistical tools can be drawn, however, in our domestic premise, most people still use Baidu search in, especially as we do driving school class, these people usually only know Baidu, not to mention that Google's few people, now Google in the domestic mainland visit and its poor, Few people know how to use agents, and so on, various factors, let them choose Baidu.

This step, is very important, positioning search engine, can improve our efficiency of optimization, but also to improve network orders.

What do internet users see?

To do optimization, we all know, in addition to doing search marketing, there is forum marketing, micro-bo marketing, but the combination of local, we can not do, pick some netizens most often on, do, or take our website said.

A driving school management platform, Forum marketing affirmation effect is not obvious, very few people in the forum asked this question, and the forum content is very miscellaneous, some professional driving school class of the forum, very excluded us to do the optimization of the people send posts, therefore, this should not do.

Weibo marketing, you can do a try, the main platform when he is Tencent and Sina Weibo, the user base is very large. It is important to build an official microblog.

Well, probably on these four aspects, do not know whether it is helpful to you, this article is from Love (Driving School management, reproduced please keep the link below thank you for your cooperation.

Search marketing in 2013, will be a new form, we do optimization should be careful. That's why I wrote this article.

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