The core of local news and Information network operation: Breaking through repetitive news to the road of innovation

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Operating local site webmaster More and more, with the continuous upgrade of Baidu algorithm adjustment, a lot of products, Taobao Guest site is down the right, some of the webmaster also fancy the local site this piece of cake, so recently appeared a lot of local websites, where the development of local information network is increasingly hot. Although the site of the local news network has increased, but its true to meet the users desire of the site is still so much, we can open a lot of local news website to see, a news by hundreds of dozens of of web sites used, ask this kind of no innovative news, Can the news of the local news network be benefited by the lack of any special information?

The author thinks that the operation of local news information network must not be able to leave the "news information" this axis, but local news network webmaster can be around this axis to do some characteristics, such as a single news network or hire editors themselves to operate independent news network, these are feasible, Let's take a look at how local news networks break through the repetitive news to the road of innovation.

One, single positioning, using a single foothold in local news network

A lot of webmaster's local information network in the operation are holding all the local flow of thinking to go, to know that this idea is unrealistic, although the local site this cake has yet to be developed, but not to say that anyone can be in one of the cakes, I think the small and medium-sized webmaster to enter the local site when to pay attention to positioning, Generally speaking, the location of local news information network can be divided into two categories, one kind is the comprehensive news class, two kind is the single news class, I thought the local news information network wants to rush out a road to be able to catch the comprehensive news, because the comprehensive news is the website news, but should walk the single news road. Why would you say that?

1, the comprehensive news website website Too many, the competition pressure is big, and has many comprehensive news website is the local celebrity or the organization builds up, wants to compete with it to be even more difficult.

2, the development of comprehensive news network needs too much money and manpower, for small and medium-sized stationmaster Capital, manpower is the biggest problem.

3, a single news network starting point is low, more suitable for the future development of the Web site and dedicated flow of attraction, for small and medium-sized webmaster is particularly suitable.

Second, news content can refer to the content of the classification network

Now there are a lot of classified information network in the Internet, and the classification of information network every day a lot of content appears, if you do is a single news network, then you can use the content to make some news out, if you do is the property class news network, so compared to every day there will be a lot of local real estate information, The information that we can tap into the editorial news, for example, a selling house said which street prescription to sell, price is how much information, we can edit a news: * * * Room low-cost sales, low prices to valley, we see it, a single news content is actually so simple, If you are a comprehensive portal to the news, then you can only refer to other news Network information, ask this kind of reference can let you jump out of the shackles of thinking? Out of plagiarism, collection of duplication of the road?

Third, based on local characteristics, to do a special news network

But there's a good way to do it without going through the repetition. That is to take the characteristics of the news road, each place has its own unique customs, and these customs is the way we can access the news, such as my city is Fuqing, and the local characteristics are mainly snacks, So we can get a special Fuqing special snack net or Fuqing snack news Network, you know, although the price of snacks is not expensive, but every day to search Fuqing characteristics of many people, and if we will Fuqing feature news network after the operation, every day is not more users will enter our website, We can also change several days a few snacks news or edit some snack jokes, the natural site traffic on the rise, the site's two return rate also increased. You can look at my website traffic, daily traffic from Baidu to nearly 4000


In fact, the operation of local news information network is very simple, as long as a strong grasp of the psychological and needs of the local people will be able to very good long-term operation of the site, but avoid the current Baidu search engine like the site is in line with the user needs of the site, so we do not go to collect the news information of other websites to do: information on their own. This article originates from the News information Http:// website, everybody also may go to see my news information net, I feel the operation is still good.

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