The correct strategy and measures to be taken by local real estate network in the face of transformation

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Whether in big cities or small cities, they all have their own urban characteristics, the local real estate network can be used as an indicator of the city, the housing boom, decay and so on are directly linked to the development of a city, with the real estate network competition intensified, more and more real estate network is facing a profound change.

I also run a local real estate site, starting from 10 to prepare for transformation, 11 began to implement the transformation, until May in 12 to truly complete the site's comprehensive transformation, will be used to collect information service fees to professional advertising companies to engage in transformation, The former test company to provide information to recruit personnel to carry out the field collection information transformation, the former active advertising to the passive advertising transformation, the following author combined their own real estate transformation to talk about the local real estate network in the process of transformation how to do a good job of practice and rational thinking.

First, users do a good job site user Service

Real estate site's main role is to provide local and surrounding real estate information, prices, property quality and so on, and these information is for the user, fundamentally, the development of the real estate network is to be based on the user, for this author's site in 11 began to recruit several professional collectors, Their daily duty is to ride bicycles in their own area of responsibility to understand the situation, understand the developers of real estate, the lowest prices for real estate, and when they feed back to the site of the editor, the editor will be in the actual basis of a number of rendering language, so that the actual information constitutes a value information. The transition from 11 to the beginning of March has been in use, but the author has increased the input of the transformation, the entire city near the county into the statistical range, fundamentally to help the people of the whole town to provide the most valuable information.

Second, rely on the company to expand the Company a wide range of resources

At first I didn't want to set up a company to run a real estate website, until 11 July saw competitors in the website under the copyright of the site to add a number of company information I just realized, yes ah I can also set up a company to rely on the name of the company to promote the fundamental progress of the site, so walk the industry and commerce, running tax, After a few months of working for a business license, it was not until February of 12 that the company was really set up. After the establishment of the company, I recruited two managers through the local job fairs, they do daily things to manage the site, promote the development of the site, and I gave them the job is the manager of the company, can be said that the company not only can give these staff the economy can also give them identity, Let them be loyal to the company or for the site to do practical work.

Third, the accumulation of credibility to enhance the site brand strength

As a local real estate network, reputation can be said to be the core of the author site pursuit, to this end, the author through the level of efforts to achieve with the local bidding office to establish a cooperative relationship, but also through the activities with the relevant units to gradually expand the impact of the site, and finally recruited 3 customer service staff all day to the site staff to receive, This method until now has a good effect, now locals mention the topic of property related to my site, can be said that my site won the local real estate psychology, it is because of this reason I continue to improve in the development of the site.

Iv. abandoning the old income and transforming the profit model

It's possible that many real estate networks now earn their living by advertising and advertising patterns, and the author of the site in 11 years to change this approach, the former kind of rely on advertising to make a living by the way to the current and professional advertising companies to reach a one-to-one way to cooperate, is now advertising companies to receive ads, and I only responsible for advertising, Do not need me to pull business, also do not need me to consider with customers for money, I can wholeheartedly to the development of the site, you can say that the author of the site in the profit has done a creative profit model, the real meaning of abandoning the old income model.

Local real Estate network in the transformation after the realization of a relatively substantial profit income, the author of the site in the practice of not only won the hearts of the people, and the site in the search engine rankings is also relatively before, I hope that by sharing their own site transformation to drive more webmaster Friends of the site to change, to achieve the entire real estate industry transformation, Hope this article can help more webmaster, thank you. This article originates from the Wuhan Gynecology Department Hospital, if has likes may contact with me, we exchanges together.

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