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Analysis of a number of county-level sites, most counties still have market prospects, of course, there are some counties do very good, novice again to enter that there is no chance; if there is no strong competitor in the local, I still have the opportunity to do the county station, development opportunities only 1 years, to do the boss, or give up.

1. Do the county station must be regularized

Office, business license, please salesman these are basic, want to let merchants Amoy money to you, you do not even these, how can people believe you? Rent an office, can be upstairs, generally in 300-500 yuan or so, run a self-employed, 100 yuan, and then please a salesman, can carry out business.

2. By making a popular mistake

Many webmaster, always think that the site must be popular to make money? But think about, you rely on a website or forum, how long do you have to do the day IP 1000+ (local precision flow), if the flow to do so, time is too slow, so to design a number of suitable for the business package, to profit while operating; the website makes money not shameful, It's shameful not to make money!

3. Free to develop the site, will only let the site die faster

A lot of county webmaster, start always think, want to advertise for free, free of thing is no one cherish, Ma said: "Today's Internet entrepreneurship also rely on free is a dead end", so must set a good price, too low price, will only reject high-end customers.

4 Forum Misunderstanding

Novice Webmaster, the beginning may just be a one-man war, you are 1-2 people, you open dozens of sections, you busy come over? New forum proposed to use a single version of the Forum (Baidu bar form), so that local netizens can easily complete interactive communication.

5 errors in the selection process

Many county-level new webmaster, 90% of the time Spent: research Web site procedures, style, some two development of what, there is no practical significance, to buy a well-known local portal program, but also only thousands of yuan, the site simple some, not too many functions, too many functional columns, only to make themselves no way, the site has: talent, real estate, second-hand, Article release, business display and other functions on the line.

Simple is the most destructive.

The program is dead, the key lies in the operation, to 99% of the time to send the operation online, sitting on the shoot, not as active attack, business is running out.

6 Fast development of county station shortcuts

The newly opened county station, want to make quick money, in fact, very simple, website perfect, 1 months can be profitable, the method is: to find your surrounding county website do well, a year can earn 5.1 million of the website, find someone else, can choose to apprentice, pay tuition, but this must have a certain chip, let people feel owed us, He wants to teach us to make money, and soon, to enter any industry, tuition fees are to be paid.

Sometimes, want to know a person, the best way is to become his customers, at this time, when you visit him again, he will use the most enthusiastic way to entertain, specifically in their own understanding!

The success of his website shows that he has a successful experience, people spend time and money for, know what is not feasible. Of course, people do not have the obligation to help us, spend money to buy their experience, can let oneself take a lot of detours and waste investment, of course, 90% of the novice webmaster can't get out of this threshold, always like to spend a long time to grope.

The county station success needs cost, time is also a kind of cost, to cherish the time is to cost savings.

Communication is the shortest way to start a business at county level, but communication is learned, and when you can't bring anything to others, don't disturb others, understand this sentence, is the beginning of enlightenment.

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