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According to the author from the needs of some enterprises to understand that the Spring Festival a talent market into the recruitment season, the companies opened this year Non-stop recruitment plan. Most of the enterprises in the pay adjustment, and the original students have a "bias" of the enterprise also began campus recruitment plan to seize the market, but also the rise of the telephone recruitment-some of their own collection of talent resume active recruitment, and some directly through the third party network, such as a large number of telephone recruitment.

Comprehensive variety of recruitment methods are different, and not necessarily all recruitment methods suitable for every business, choose the right way to recruit will be more than twice.

The author based on the experience of customer service, summed up a number of personal analysis, I hope that some enterprises in the recruitment of human resources in charge of help.

First, talk about network recruitment: Network Recruitment Enterprises Choose the recruitment path of 95%, is a popular way of recruitment, comprehensive network recruitment characteristics across the region-this is the characteristics of the Internet, cross-time-online recruitment can send resumes and post recruitment invitations, his convenience is to become the first choice for enterprise recruitment. But according to our market research found that more than 90% of the online recruitment effect is not satisfactory, the summary found that the problem is:

1, now the network recruitment in time is very satisfied with the human resource-intensive enterprises, most of these enterprises need more personnel, and our survey found that most of the recruitment site a business one months to obtain a resume is difficult to more than 150;

2, many enterprises need to cross geographical recruitment, most of the recruitment site talent information localization, such as the domestic network recruit eldest brother 51job can only mainly related to a first-tier city, while the two or three-line cities are mostly local sites, so the Cross-border network recruitment needs to deliver different sites, increasing the cost of recruitment of enterprises;

3, the network recruitment of personal resume is the most, many enterprises to identify talent caused a huge workload.

And so on, due to the lengthy article, the author will not be analyzed.

Of course, the network recruitment has free information supply and demand network recruitment (such as 58 city, market, etc.) and fee membership recruitment information (51job, too much of the association), I think the free recruitment site can choose, but the main choice is the professional network recruitment services, I think most human resources professionals will understand the truth.

Second, the talent market recruitment: The biggest feature of the talent market is localization, but now many cross-regional enterprises will consider both local talent market recruitment, the talent market can be directly face-to-face with the job seekers to carry out a variety of exchanges and preliminary interviews, so that many enterprises can directly from the talent market to bring back available. Our market research found that the choice of talent market enterprises only 60%, the summary found that the problem is:

1, job-seekers overall will be lower than the network job-seekers;

2, "fair" type of job fairs, so that most job seekers to send their resumes at random;

3, Job seekers respond, the talent market job fairs in each period of some enterprises are fixed, slowly not patronize;

Third, telephone recruitment: telephone recruitment When we have just launched a lot of companies are not too familiar with this, for example: some enterprises think this is their own things to do, and some directly asked whether the effectiveness of the protection and so on. The actual telephone recruitment is just a kind of recruitment, no one enterprise think the talent market recruitment is what they can do, no one will ask the job market recruitment effect you give me protection-that is the agent recruitment by effect. Telephone recruitment is the recruitment of a position in the enterprise, the deletion of the appropriate resume, the initiative through the telephone recruitment, there are professional data analysis, operation arrangements, staff arrangements, report production and other steps. He can in a short period of time accurate, rapid, user-friendly recruitment, but also for the enterprise to provide the results of recruitment reports for enterprises in the recruitment decision to play a great help.

A lot of clients talk to me. Telephone recruitment is a way to replace any recruitment of new channels, I personally think that no one recruitment method is perfect, nor is it possible to replace each other, many enterprises do not need to do telephone recruitment.

Four, Campus recruitment: In our survey found that campus recruitment in different enterprises in the understanding of the difference is very large, some enterprises to focus on the recruitment of schools, some enterprises are very excluded campus recruitment. This reflects the advantages and disadvantages of campus recruitment, the author will focus on a post on campus recruitment, analysis of the pros and cons of campus recruitment and avoid the bottleneck of campus recruitment. Stay tuned.

Agent recruitment and personnel dispatch should not be regarded as recruitment methods. But for many large companies it is a choice that requires careful planning.

Enterprise recruitment is not a simple matter, need to take seriously and careful analysis, choose the right recruitment method is the cornerstone of the effectiveness of the recruitment implementation.

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