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As long as a little understanding of SEO friends should have heard the "content for the king, outside the chain for the emperor" This sentence for SEO incisive generalization, the optimization of the site is roughly divided into both internal and external aspects, 7478.html "> Internal optimization is mainly for the site structure layout of the content construction, External optimization is the construction of the outside chain for the website construction. About the internal optimization of the website Love stars in the previous article in a detailed description, so today love stars focus on the site's external optimization of the detailed description, hope to be helpful to everyone.

One, why do we have to do outside the chain

We do outside the chain of the popular point is in other pages to add their own site links, add links to the benefits of two: one is to increase the spider found the way the site, that is, in order to make spiders more of their own web site crawling. Second, in order to make their own web site to get a higher weight. Through understanding the above two points, we can see outside the chain for the site, especially the new station is very important, a new site if there is no outside the chain, spiders can not find your site, so let alone included their site, as for the site keyword ranking more think. So if there is no chain, your site can not be included, then your site has and there is no two like, let alone the site to bring benefits to us, said here we should understand why we need to do outside the chain.


Second, the external chain of what form

In general, the chain can be divided into Web site outside the chain and anchor text outside the chain of two forms of expression, the two form of the impact of the site is also different. First of all, we say the anchor text, if there are many sites added with your site URL anchor text link, then the anchor text of the word will be the search engine that is your site's performance form, while the search engine will also give this keyword a better ranking. Furthermore, the Web site outside the chain, the main role of the chain is to increase the weight of the site, a site's weight higher, but also will be the more important search engines, so in the rankings when the search engine will also put your site to the front. Through these we can see that whether it is the anchor text and the site outside the chain of the rankings are good, but the focus is different, the site outside the chain of the website of a whole weight will play a better role, and anchor text for the weight of a keyword to play a more obvious role, So the majority of webmaster friends do outside the chain can be based on their own actual situation to choose.


Third, which outside the chain is good outside the chain

Chain also has good and bad points, so we webmaster friends in the chain should be as far as possible to find some relatively nice platform to carry out the construction of the chain, then how should we judge ourselves to do the outside chain is high-quality? First of all, we should ensure that the platform traffic is large, a better platform, the first is to be recognized by users, If this platform does not have how many users, then he is certainly not a good site in the search engine eyes, so we do outside the chain, we should first ensure that we do outside the chain of the platform must have a good flow. The second should have relevance, such as our site is to do the site optimization of this piece, then we publish the chain as far as possible to find some and SEO-related platform to publish, so only the industry-related outside the chain is more reliable. Try to find the authoritative website to publish again, authoritative website own weight is very high, if can obtain some these authoritative website's link, then the website optimization effect will certainly be very obvious, because the search engine first to authoritative website's trust degree is very high.

Finally, love stars to remind the vast number of webmaster friends, SEO is a very hard work, and must adhere to a long-term to achieve a more ideal effect, so we must put their own site as a son to look at, with a responsibility to run down, only in this way can be successful. This article by love stars-Henan pass Easy Science and Technology original publication, reprint article please leave the link source, here first thank you webmaster friends.

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